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About Us

Mystic Self gemstone jewelry and accessories are created in India. The company was created with the intention of offering jewelry from India based on the country’s rich culture, tradition, rites and spirituality associated with gemstones which our customers get to experience. We don’t sell mere ornaments, but rich and invaluable creations which embody art, beauty, romance and spirit. Our gemstones are intended to bring out the Mystic Self in you.

Who is Mystic Self? There are things about ourselves that we don't see, but others do. But there is a "You" which neither you or others see which is waiting to be explored and discovered. Mystic Self is the search for the different colors and gems which represent you, known and unknown. Your colors lie on the surface and deep within with its combinations and complexity and simplicity and beauty. It's not the monetary value of the gem, but its innate richness which radiates and when you discover the Mystic Self then you will find the Goddess that you are. Let our gemstones excite, our blog enlighten and our images intrigue as you enter the universe of Mystic Self and find the Goddess within you.

The universe brings nature and art together to honor the Goddess. Nature is inherent in the 100% genuine and natural quality of our gemstones. The art is found in the imagination of the jewelry pieces that our artisans create. When you decide to acquire one, they are delivered to you in an elegant pink organza jewelry pouch which mostly keeps them covered and yet can’t completely hide their beauty. But in the end, that piece does not belong in the pouch, but on you who like our real gemstones are the real Goddess. Let Mystic Self Bring Out The Goddess In You.