About Us

Mystic Self showcases the beautiful culture of India through intricately made semi-precious stone jewelries manufactured straight from India.

Indian jewelry is unlike any other, it is one of the world’s most elegant piece of art. It has the power to release the deepest desires of your heart - it is simply enchanting, you are drawn by its beauty.

It exudes a mystical and romantic vibe, it makes you bloom - it has the magic to recreate you into a goddess.

Mystic Self is a premiere company that aims to bring jewelry from India to the US market. We understand that jewelry is a quintessential part of every woman’s wardrobe and even in their everyday lives. We are therefore committed to offering high-quality and superior Indian jewelry to our customers to give them that one-of-a-kind and special experience.

Mystic Self offers a wide variety of Indian jewelry, including anything from necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets. Aside from this, we also offer Indian inspired shawls and scarves and embroidered handbags which are rarely found in the US.

Here at Mystic Self, we value our customers and we want to assist you in the best possible way we can. With our simple but elegant line of Indian jewelry we hope that we are able to give you that extra boost of confidence to make you feel like a Hindu goddess!

See How it All Started

Mystic Self is a relatively new jewelry company started in 2015 by a criminal lawyer. The whole concept of Mystic Self is rooted from the founder's family background as well as the people behind the company.

Mystic Self centers around the Eastern Philosophy and the humanities - inspired by the vision of scholars and writers of Hindu Love Poetry and Hindu Goddesses. These ideas gave birth to the creation of classic and elegant time pieces of jewelry - Indian-inspired, but with the incorporation of modern and sophisticated styles and designs.

Like the multi-faceted culture of India, Mystic Self is a company that represents diversity - it embraces the artistic influence of the different creative personalities who are working behind the scenes of the company.

More than the jewelry, Mystic Self is a celebration of people and the Indian Culture as a whole. And by creating jewelry inspired by this concept, Mystic Self hopes to bring out the beautiful Hindu Goddess in every woman.



Thank you for visiting Mystic Self, we hope you have a pleasant, enjoyable and magical shopping experience!