Blog Writer: Ermelinda Maglione

Ermelinda Maglione is from Caracas, Venezuela where she completed her BA in journalism and MA in digital communication. She is an accomplished writer who is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian and loves to travel and blog about pole dancing, animals, beauty, self-esteem, as well as her personal life experiences and anything she can think of! She is also a dancer who has practiced ballet since she was 3 and performed pole dance for the last 7 years. Ermelinda invites you to Mystic Self, where you can embrace your inner beauty and explore a new and interesting world!

Attract Wealth To Your Life With The Help Of The Right Crystals

Not everything in life is about money. You might have even rejected job offers with a higher salary than your current one because the job simply didn’t have the right vibe. Nevertheless, because we live in a world in which we need money to survive, we want to help you increase the chances of attracting it with the right crystals.

Gemstones Of The World Cup

The FIFA World Cup takes place every four years, and this one is almost over. I’m pretty sure millions of people around the world are already feeling sad that this large sports event is about to end, and we’ll have to wait another four years to root for our favorites, but don’t panic! We still have next weekend to see the final games of England against Belgium for the third and fourth place, and France against Croatia for the championship.

Use Crystals For Headaches

I don’t think there’s anyone in this world that likes to have a headache. Feeling like your brain is swollen and you can’t do anything with your life until the pain goes away is one of the worst physical experiences a person can have.

The Mystery Of The Rose Of The Desert

Have you ever seen a rock shaped like a rose? Yes, it exists! It’s a mysterious rock formation in desert areas that can be found in very few places around the world. They are called Desert Roses or Rose Rocks.

Help Your Beloved Pet With Gem Therapy

Homeopathy awakens different reactions in people: some believe in itwhile others don’t. It is classified as “alternative medicine”, but every day it’s increasingly becoming accepted in the conventional medical world due to its benefits.

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