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Flourishing Hope

Between the end of March and the beginning of April, cherry blossoming reaches its peak. It is a breathtaking sight: hundreds of trees bloom together, wearing themselves with a cloud of pale corollas. An ethereal veil of rare beauty destined to last only for a few days and then fall to the ground in a lovely pinkish-white rain.

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Fashion Color Trend

Every year I can't wait to take the winter greyness off my back by wearing something shiny and colorful. And shop windows become full of temptation when you're hungry for color. Why not take a look at the fashion trend of the new season and find out what will look best on you? I've already peeked and there's something for everyone! A little spoiler? Orange will rule in all its shades!

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Holi's Colors

Red, yellow, orange, pink, green, blue, purple! The arrival of spring is celebrated in India with one of the most scenic and cheerful festivals in the world. It’s Holi, the Festival of Colors, Spring and Love. This event is so loved that is spreading over the world year after year!

It embodies the desire to do and to live, to go out and see friends, to meet the people you care for and to celebrate love! It is the fresh energy of new beginnings, the joyful enthusiasm of youth, the beauty of white clothes that are dyed with all the colors of a crazy and happy carnival.

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Valentina's Bio

Meet Valentina, an Italian freelance reporter, who is Mystic Self’s investigator of the soul. She loves mythology, arts, nature and traveling and is into yoga, reiki, mindfulness and belly dance. Her posts will explore gemstones and fashion in their deepest sense by taking you beyond the mere physical. Valentina hopes that you will join her journey of discovery.

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Evil Eye Jewellery Across the World

Evil eye symbolism is seen throughout various cultures and religions. It's the idea of a talisman warding off negative energy, preventing bad things, and breaking curses.


So what exactly does the evil eye jewellery mean and what kind of things does it ward off? As someone unfamiliar with the philosophy, I wanted to explore a little deeper and understand what evil eye jewellery is all about.

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Earrings Through The Ages

Most women own a few pairs of earrings and have had their ears pierced at some stage. But earrings haven’t always been the same accessories that we wear today. In this post I explore some of the history behind our treasured jewellery and where it has popped up across the world over time.

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