What is the aura? Many believe that it is an energy that surrounds your body and represents your physical, mental and emotional spiritual energies. Some also claim that they can see another person’s aura as a mix of fine colored frequencies.

It is also believed that the aura of a person is directly connected to their health. A healthy person’s aura (physically, mentally and emotionally) will be very bright in contrast that of an unhealthy person.

Crystals can help you cleanse your aura to improve your energy and be a more balanced person in terms of your health, emotions and mind. Here are ten crystals that I’ve selected to help you with each one having a unique purpose:


This beautiful crystal has a very light blue color and is also known as Celestine. You can use it if you want instant peace and harmony in your body and mind. It will help you uplift your mood and create positive changes in your life.


I have written before about this wonderful crystal and how it helps transmute negative energies into positive ones. It also works for your aura too since everything in the end is energy! Amethysts help detoxify your spirit as if you were taking abath of positive energy. Some even use it to help come out of an addiction.


Moonstone is a beautiful rock that looks very elegant when worn as a jewel. It also can be used to cleanse your aura and harmonize discordant vibrations. Carrying a moonstone will help you to feel more calm and serene which makes it perfect for those days when you have many things to do or a lot on your mind. Moonstones will help you feel balanced.

Aqua aura

Aqua aura is a quartz that was treated with gold, resulting in its aquamarine beautiful color. It is perfect for a powerful cleansing especially for the throat chakra which benefits your voice and communication. Some believe that it also helps you strengthen your immune system and fight certain diseases.


Agate can come in many assorted colors and with unique patterns and styles. This crystal has very slow and steady healing properties since they are not as intense as quartzes for example. They radiate soft energies that ground the spirit with a sense of stability. Agate helps bring harmony to all aspects of a person: physical, spiritual and emotional. You can wear it as a bracelet and since it comes in assorted colors, it will go with anything you wear!


Larimar is also known as “the stone of joy” because whenever you’re near it then it’s almost impossible to feel depressed or in a bad mood. This rock emanates a vibration of soothing freshness and calm. It is the perfect stone to take with you when you are feeling down.


Many people recommend using this crystal like a magic wand, waving it around you to cleanse your aura. You will feel empowered and released from energies that you are stuck in. Your chakras get aligned as well! Have it always around, even under your pillow when you sleep!


This is a very pretty crystal that can be found in a pale pink color, as well as in light violet. It’s also called the “Stone of Emotion” because it connects the heart to the mind and stimulates communion between the two. Kunzite helps draw out energetic toxins and replaces them with sweetness, clarity and love.


This is an amazing crystal that makes us feel like something wonderful is about to happen! And, why not? Lepidolite clears away feelings of low self-esteem and unworthiness. It will make you feel lovable and it’s perfect for strengthening friendships and love relationships.

Black Tourmaline

Ancient magicians used Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, to protect themselves from evil spirits. Today it is used to deflect negative energies around us including pollution and radiation! It also helps you feel more grounded if you’re distracted, and thereby helps to prevent negativity from getting to you!

How to cleanse crystals before using or wearing them

The process is very easy and it consists of submerging your crystals in salty water (sea salt) for a few hours in the sunlight. The idea is to remove any negative energies that your crystals have “captured” and to reset them to continue using them more efficiently. Be careful not to let them sit there for days because the colors of some crystals, like amethysts, for example, can fade if exposed for too long under the sun.

You don’t need to do this ritual every day, but just when you feel it is time to clean your crystals. Remember that the inner voice, also known as the sixth sense or instinct, will let you know when it’s time.

Which crystals do you like best and what others do you like to have around?