All over the world, there are people with brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, and even red! Even colors such as purple, like the famous Elizabeth Taylor had, exist out there.

The eye color someone gets when they’re born will depend on their genes and on the melanin their eyes have. It is directly related to the amount and quality of melanin in the front layers of the iris. People with brown eyes, for instance, have a large amount of melanin in the iris while people with blue eyes have much less pigment.

A person’s eye color results from pigmentation of a structure called the iris which surrounds the small black hole in the center of the eye which is called the pupil. The pupil helps control how much light can enter the eye. This color ranges on a continuum from very light blue to dark brown with brown being the most common eye color in the world.

Matching Your Eye Color With Your Jewelry

What if you want to match your jewelry with your eye color? What goes best with each tone? The best way to do it is by choosing stones with the same tone as your eyes. The shades don’t have to be exactly the same, but they can have the same undertones.Be careful not to choose very large crystals that match your eye color because they will draw the attention away from your face. This is why choosing your pieces wisely is very important.

Your hair color will also play an important part in your jewelry. Blue and green earrings, for example, get lost in long blonde hair. Similarly, dark crystals won’t stand out with long dark hair.


People with green eyes can match their jewelry withperidot-colored crystals. Peridot earrings, for example, have a mystical and romantic vibe with a magical bloom to transform you into a goddess.

Amazonite, Jasper, and Emeralds are other green-colored crystals that will match perfectly with your green eyes.


People describe this eye color in many different ways because the hue seems to change depending on what you wear and the type of lighting you are in. Hazel eyes appear to contain hues of green, amber, and blue.

So, what better way to combine your hazel eyes with your jewelry than with anamber necklace? Amber which is a fossilized tree resin that has been used for thousands of years as jewelry represents timeless beauty.


The majority of the world population has brown eyes. They can be light or dark, but either way they go very well with gold and bronze tones. Citrine jewelry looks very good with brown eyes regardless of whether it is abracelet, anklet or pair of earrings.

Other crystals you can choose from if your eyes are brown are Golden Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, and Rainbow Moonstone.

Blue And Gray

If you have blue or gray eyes,Lapis Lazuli is your friend. Diamonds also match very nicely with people with a light color in their eyes. Others options are Blue Lace, Azulite, and Blue Opal.

Blue stones like dark sapphires and light teal aquamarines are flattering for all eye colors, so with the exception of those with blue eyes, keep blue stones in mind if you don’t want your eye color to match what you are wearing and prefer contrast instead.

Remember that your jewelry doesn’t always have to match your eyes. Your jewelry should always complement them because they alone are striking. Being color coordinated doesn’t necessarily mean that everything needs to be a matching color and this is not necessary for looking nice on a daily basis.

What color are your eyes and what gemstones do you like to match them with? Please share your ideas with me!