If you’re feeling that it is time to be in a relationship, but you can’t seem to meet the right person, then you can help yourself with a crystal grid.

Crystal grids are powerful tools to use when you want to manifest your desires, goals, and intentions such as finding love. The difference between using individual crystals and a grid is that the combined power of several stones create a more powerful impact.

Crystal grids are usually aligned in geometric shapes which are often considered sacred, such as the Flower of Life or a Mandala.

Geometric shapes enhance your purpose and help manifest results in a faster way. This is the reason why if you’re looking for the love of your life, crystal grids will be very useful.

How to Use a Crystal Grid

A crystal grid will combine different type of crystals’ energies in highly effective ways. One gem is a single player while the grid is the entire team which will improve your chances of winning.

So, to use a grid all you need is to print the pattern you want to use and find a place in your home to set it up. Then, write your intention on a piece of paper.

Whether you’re entering a new relationship or rekindling an old one, you will always have a vision of what it can be like. Perhaps you want to set the course in a specific direction or you don’t want to repeat problematic situations that have occurred in the past, but whatever your intention is you should be very clear about it.

My mother always says: “be careful what you wish for because all of your wishes eventually come true”. When I think about her advice, I believe we must be very careful when selecting the words we use when we ask for something, and the same occurs when setting a goal with a crystal grid.

You must still realize that no amount of intention will save you from what you need to see, live, or learn. Life has its ways of setting everything up so that we have the experiences we need to have. I know today that there is no better way to learn and better yourself in life than through experience, even if it hurts.

So, to set up your grid for attracting love you should put a crystal in the center of your selected geometric pattern. It’s better if it’s a crystal point because it will direct your intention straight up to the universe.

Then, choose stones that align with your intention. In the case of love, Rose Quartz will be perfect because this Quartz connects with your heart chakra. Other crystals that can work very well for achieving love are Malachite, Rhodocrosite, Rhodonite, Green Aventurine, Apache Tear, and Citrine, but you can use any crystals that you feel a connection with.

Before setting everything up, clean your space with incense sticks. Sage and Palo Santo work very well too. Remember to cleanse your crystals first too.

Say your intention out loud or visualize it in your mind and while you do this, place the piece of paper where you wrote your goal in the center of the grid.

Then start adding the crystals, working from the exterior towards the center. As you do this, keep your intention in mind and add the center crystal on top of the piece of paper with your written intention.

Finally, activate the grid with a Quartz crystal point. Draw invisible lines in the air to energetically connect each stone. And, voilà! Your crystal grid is set up.

You can leave it up for at least 40 days and you can create several crystal grids at the same time for different purposes. Please, let me know about your experience and don’t forget to share!