Not everything in life is about money. You might have even rejected job offers with a higher salary than your current one because the job simply didn’t have the right vibe. Nevertheless, because we live in a world in which we need money to survive, we want to help you increase the chances of attracting it with the right crystals.


You can create charms to attract prosperity with Calcite. I recommend it if you use the orange or green varieties of this rock. The first one will be great for attracting wealth to your home and personal life whilethe second one is ideal for your job or business.


This is a Quartz formed from heating an Amethyst and it is considered a stone for personal balance. It works very well when you carry it such as wearing it as a bracelet, earrings, or necklace) instead of leaving it at home or work. It is often known as the “stone for abundance”.

Nevertheless, you can still place a Citrine Quartz in your home or business. It works better if it is in a corner or where you keep the money. If you use a cash register in your business, this would be the right place to keep it.


In China it is considered a sacred stonewhich is even used to carve Buddha statues with. Men also trade images of carved men on jade as a sign of friendship. And if you receive a jade butterfly it means that someone is trying to attract your love.

Jade is on this list because it is also used for attracting money, especially for a business. Have you noticed that it is a green-colored stone just like money?

If you meditate with this crystal,it will help you open your mind related to your finances.


This rock is known as “Fool’s Gold” because it looks like this precious metal. However, even if it is not gold, it can help attract monetary wealth to your life by helping to seal lucrative contracts, new job opportunities, economic stability, good luck in gambling, and in the acquisition of goods.

You can keep it close to where you keep the money, in your purse, or where you keep the change. But, be careful not to let anyone else but you touch this stone otherwise it may not work for you!


This is a special crystal because it helps overcome negative thoughts that prevent you from becoming wealthy. Once your mind is free from negative energies, you will attract only positive things to your life including money in your pocket!

It is very convenient to keep Amethysts close to us so that they may cleanse our lives and help us achieve our purpose.

Focus On Your Spiritual Wealth Too

Every human being has basic needs to cover before focusing higher needs. Basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing are necessities. Once they are secure then you can focus on other things like sports, insurance, work, relationships, self-esteem, and of course on your spirit.

To cover your basic needs, you need money and we have explained what helps in obtaining it, but now we will give you a list of four very special crystals that will bring you spiritual wealth because, as I have stated, not everything in this world has to do with money.

Crystal’s curative powers work through the regulation of the energy that surrounds them. This is why they can bring sensations for positiveness and wellness to whoever has them nearby. Some people describe it as the possibility to create an electromagnetic energy field using elements from nature itself.

Specifically for spiritual wellness you can use the following:

Green Garnet Slab

It will help you gain new perspectives to your own situations especially if you feel stagnant in your life at the moment.


A stone with many powerful attributes, it is perfect for spiritual growth. It will help you re-organize and restructure your life along with creating insights and positive energy around you.

Tiger’s Eye

This stone literally gives you a new pair of eyes by letting you see clearly your path ahead. When you’re feeling stuck or have doubts about which decision or path to take, Tiger’s Eye will assist you in making a sound decision.


Even if it is an artificially created stone, Goldstone will help you achieve your goals because it also has magic powers. Another property it possesses is that it helps you to stay focused and enthusiastic about the decisions you make in life regarding goals and resolutions.