Summer is drawing to a close and September is fast approaching, which can only mean one thing – it’s time for students around the world to say goodbye to their vacations, quickly finish any neglected assignments, and pack their bags for another year of studying. For students preparing for their very first semester at College or University, this is a time of intense nervousness and excitement, as well as a lot of uncertainty of what the future might bring. It’s completely normal to feel unprepared for student life, but there are a few things that any new student can do to help ease those fears – packing a few days before you need to actually leave home, looking at some of those books on the impossibly long ‘recommended reading’ lists your new professors have sent you, and taking advantage of the positive and natural energies of gemstones to calm your nerves and boost your abilities.

Throughout history, various societies and cultures have recognised and utilised the powers of naturally occurring gemstones to help them to prosper and benefit from each stone’s unique spiritual abilities. Today, these beautiful gems are a popular choice for jewellery and decoration, and as a result they are widely available in a range of forms to suit every possible budget. This means that it is now easier than ever to access the spiritual and healing abilities of gemstones and put them to use in your own life!

Take, for example, some of the issues most commonly faced by students. Almost anyone who has ever attended a class, worked on an assignment or studied for an important test will tell you that they’ve experienced times when they just couldn’t find the motivation to work, or felt like they weren’t smart enough to keep up with their peers. These situations might seem inevitable, but there are gemstones that can help. Students who struggle to retain the information that they’ve learned in class can turn to a stone such as Calcite, which is a popular choice for academics and learners alike due to its memory boosting abilities. Another recommended stone is Fluorite, helping to effectively process new information. For anyone who lacks the self-discipline to actually hit the books and study there’s Dumortierite, believed to help the wearer find motivation, while Ametrine is a popular choice for people who struggle to find the creativity and inspiration to produce great work. If you just can’t seem to organise your time effectively or stick to a study schedule then Red Jasper is ideal, and both Sodalite and Carnelian are thought to boost analytic skills, intellect, and intuition, which makes them the perfect stones to keep nearby when you want to make a great contribution to a class debate or establish a compelling argument in an essay. Additionally, some people find that quietly fidgeting with something can help them to focus in class, and a gemstone bracelet would be absolutely perfect for keeping your hands busy while you learn.

Of course, it’s not only academic struggles facing new students – personal issues and problems adjusting to a new life at College are also incredibly common. For many students, moving into a dorm will be the very first time that they have ever been away from home for longer than a few weeks, and this can cause a lot of them to feel quite homesick. A great stone for students missing the family, friends, or even pets that they’ve left behind is the Charoite, known as a stone of connection and endurance and believed to help maintain that comforting feeling of ‘home’ no matter how far away it may be. For those who worry about making friends or getting along with a roommate, Sonoran Desert Agate is a natural choice. This beautiful stone is known to aid in overcoming shyness and exhibiting a friendly demeanour, but if you’re struggling to find the confidence to actually leave your new room and talk to people then don’t despair – stones such as Citrine, Sunstone, Hematite and Turquoise are said to help with public speaking and letting your voice be heard, and their natural beauty will definitely work as a unique conversation starter! Green Aventurine is believed to bring luck and attract opportunities for financial prosperity, which makes it a good choice for anyone desperately seeking a part-time job, while Blue Lace Agate is believed to emit soothing and calming vibrations to help combat stress, anxiety and uncertainty, granting you the self-belief to attend a job interview or walk into a new club and introduce yourself to the people who could end up becoming your close friends.

Making the leap from High School to College or University is naturally quite a scary prospect, but it’s important to remember that you are not alone, and that everyone else is in exactly the same position as you. Even experienced students sometimes get nervous about attending a new class or struggle to keep on top of all of their assignments and responsibilities. It’s important to make use of any resources that your new College has on offer to help make your transition as easy and hassle-free as it possibly can be, and with a beautiful gemstone bracelet on your wrist or the perfect gem in your pocket, you can feel the Earth’s natural supportive energies giving you the power to tackle any obstacle that may come your way. Who knows, maybe your pretty new accessory will help you to start a conversation with your future BFF!