Gemstone jewelry is precious to people all around the world and has been so throughout history. While it’s important to take care of all your jewelry, the gemstone variety, in particular, takes extra care and attention. After all, these gemstones come with their own particular meanings and your favorite  pieces often become even more valued over time. Like everything in life, gemstone jewelry will last longer and look  its best when it’s cared for properly. As pieces grow to take on sentimental meaning and value, practicing good habits of care will help to keep all your gemstone pieces in tip-top condition. We here at Mystic Self are aware of the importance of properly maintaining and preserving your gemstones, so we will  share our best tips for caring for them.   



A Gentle Touch


We know how it is - life is busy, right? Sometimes when you’re leaving the house in a hurry, you barely have time to put both arms through your jacket before getting through the door. While your jacket can probably withstand a bit of last-minute roughness, it’s important that you treat your gemstone jewelry with a bit more care and attention. Remember, these are semi-precious stones - many of which have taken thousands upon thousands of years to form (check out our last blog for more info!) - you don’t want to submit them to any undue pressure. That’s why you should always handle gemstone jewelry pieces very carefully. Ensure that any gemstones in your earrings are properly aligned and attached to the connector, fasten bracelets carefully at the wrist (ensuring no gemstones are caught or tangled) and use the same rule when putting on necklaces or anklets. Using a gentle touch will help to keep your gemstone jewelry in good condition for a greater duration.



Your Wardrobe Staple


Jewelry is arguably one of the best elements of fashion while your clothes get worn and torn with wear.  Jewelry is long-lasting and often provides that special “je ne sais quoi” that makes the outfit come together.  As jewelry is the most precious part of your outfit, ensure you stick to the classic mantra, “last to put on and first to take off”. Following the mantra ensures that you don’t subject your jewelry to any elements that might have a negative impact (and you should avoid getting your jewelry wet or dousing it in any external chemicals like makeup or hairspray). By putting it on last when getting ready and taking it off first when you get home, you avoid any unnecessary entanglements with items of clothing that might pull at your bracelet or necklace and weaken the clasp over time.



Keep Those Gems Cleaned & Polished


We all know what happens when our windows go unwashed, dust starts to gather, stains accumulate, and before you know it, the panes of glass aren’t letting in any sunlight at all. Well, your gemstones are no different - without a proper clean their gleaming surfaces will start to look grimier over the years. Giving them a regular clean, using the appropriate materials, will prevent the build-up of anything that might dull their glow. Different gemstones will require different levels of care, but all should be cleaned softly (never scrubbed!) and you can always bring them to a professional jewelry cleaner if you’re worried about being heavy-handed yourself. Once your gemstones are all cleaned up, now is the time to give them an extra special shine with a bit of polish. Use a soft, lint-free cloth and buff those gems until they’re sparkling like new - after all, their shine is part of their appeal!



A Safe Spot For A Precious Thing


If you’re as “gemstone mad” as us, you’ve probably gathered quite the collection of jewelry over the years. Naturally, you can’t wear all your pieces at once, so you need a safe place to keep your jewelry when you’re not wearing it out on the town. As tempting as it can be after a long day or late night to leave your jewelry on your nightstand or make up table, you must resist! Otherwise, not only are you more likely to lose your jewelry (unspeakable!), but they can also get scratched up when thrown on the side any old how. Instead, practice caution by storing your jewelry in a soft anti-tarnish bag or box. And don’t forget to keep different pieces of jewelry separate; the last thing you want is a knotted necklace-bracelet mess! By doing this and keeping your gorgeous gemstone jewelry away from other possible hazards, like heat or direct sunlight, you’ll find that they stay in a beautiful condition worthy of their natural beauty.


We know you all love gemstone jewelry just as much as we do! Follow these tips for caring for your gemstone jewelry and you’re bound to keep those sparkly pieces in their original, lovely condition. Looking to expand your collection? Browse our jewelry today for gemstones worth taking care of.