Today, on International Women’s Day, we ask what does it mean to be a woman.  While the role of women in the world continues to evolve, regardless of when or where, women represent a powerful force which supports and sustains life.  And whether it be in the form of mother, sister, grandmother, spouse, partner, co-worker, boss, friend or lover, we have seen the power of women to shape our lives.  Although we recognize their struggles and persecution that they have faced around the world, we celebrate their courage, willpower, determination, wisdom and patience. Today is a day for all of us, men and women, to recognize and celebrate.  In their many manifestations of power, today we pay special tribute to women all over the world.  

If you’re looking for a way to commemorate March 8 in a unique way, why not wear purple gemstone jewelry? Purple is the official color of International Women’s Day, it represents dignity, justice and self-respect. Here are five gemstones with which you can celebrate International Women’s Day!


Amethyst is a popular stone and considered one of the most valuable stones since ancient times. The gemstone was once highly regarded like Ruby and Emerald, however, the discovery of large mineral deposits in Brazil in the 1800’s have made the Amethyst accessible, decreasing its value. This gemstone can be found in hues of light to to dark and transparent deep purple, lilac and mauve

According to an ancient Greek legend, Amethyst got its lovely purple hue because of the wine God Bacchus. Angry over an insult directed to him, Bacchus swore to avenge himself by decreeing that the first person he met would be devoured by his tigers. The pitiful mortal was a lovely maiden named Amethyst, who at that time was at the Shrine of Diana for worship. As the beasts were ready to eat her alive, she sought the aid of the Goddess who turned her into a clear, white crystal. Regretful over his cruelty, Bacchus poured his grape juice over the stone giving it its purple color.

Best known as the birthstone for February, Amethyst brings positive energy and spiritual balance to the wearer. It is the perfect gemstone to wear on International Women’s Day because it represents the core values that women carry: strength of character, intelligence and passion.


Pure fluorite is a colorless. It is the impurities and the process of heating fluorite that produces  different hues ranging from purple, green, yellow and blue. Hailed as “the most colorful mineral in the world”, the purple fluorite is said to honor the Etruscan Goddess of Wisdom, Minerva. The Goddess Minerva who was the ruler of maidens and women in ancient legend,was worshipped and she, in turn, protected them from above.

Fluorites also honor Annapurna, the Hindu Goddess of food, kitchens and cooks. The Goddess symbolizes the divinity of nourishing care and is portrayed with a jeweled vessel carrying food in one hand and a spoon in the other one. The blessings of Annapurna bring about knowledge and enlightenment -  something that women have done throughout history.

The Purple Fluorite is one of the most powerful of the New Age Stones; it brings higher truth, awareness of the world, meditation, spiritual energy and enthusiasm.


Like Fluorite, pure spinel is colorless. Its wide range of colors, including purple, is due to impurities. Historically, spinel was known as the “great impostor” because many crowns that were believed to be adorned with rubies were actually jewelled with Spinels.

In 1587 in Burma, spinel was already considered a separate gem species because of its beautiful colors. Today, it is one of the most treasured gemstones among gem dealers and collectors because of its brilliance, hardness and excellent color schemes. Spinel represents prosperity, wealth and intellectual power. Once known as the stone of immortality because of its powerful physical properties to heal all kinds of health issues, spinel is now highly regarded as a stone that increases physical energy, vitality and stamina.


In terms of metaphysical use, Tourmaline is one of the most important gems. It comes in different colors, forms and energy spectrums. According to legend, tourmaline’s different colors are a result of the stone having traveled along a rainbow which resulted in its , absorbing all of the rainbow’s colors. Many cultures have different beliefs about the Tourmaline. In India, the gemstone was used in ceremonies where one was enlightened with the discovery of that which brings good and of what are the causes of trouble.

Tourmaline is a stone of reconciliation, compassion, calmness and positive energy. It attracts money, healing, friendship, balance and stability. It also helps the wearer to stay committed and dedicated in achieving goals while protecting them from all forms of danger.


Sapphire is another great gemstone jewelry to wear on International Women’s Day. While many of us think that it only comes in blue, it is virtually available in all gemstone colors including purple. Sapphire is known as a stone of meditation and intuition. It brings spiritual awakening, diminishes unnecessary worries and initiates a sense of peace and unity.

Best known as the “holy stone” or the jewel of the sun God Apollo in Greek mythology, the gemstone is thought to be the perfect representation of prophecy, wisdom and divine glory. Sapphire was widely used by Persians, Greeks and Hebrews to complete religious ceremonies and events.

It is important to understand that the essence of International Women’s Day should not only be celebrated on the 8th of March, but we should continue to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women and respect and observe women’s rights throughout the year.

On this International Women’s Day, let us pledge for parity and let’s support the cause by being positive catalysts to eliminate the gender gap that has long plagued our society. Mystic Self is one with women around the world for gender equality.  Happy International Women’s Day!