Every year there are colorful music festivals which become experiences of a lifetime. Their color, creativity, excitement and beauty remind one of gemstones. One particular one which is stands out like an amazing gemstone is the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival where some of the top music groups in the world perform live. The attendees at this festival stand out in their fashionable attire like their chic boho outfits which resemble the boho handbags that Mystic Self offers. Some of these famous performers like Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens, and Kylie Jenner set trends with regard to the Coachella fashion. Among them, Vanessa Hudgens is hailed as the “Queen of Coachella”.

Fashion is only one aspect of the multiple elements of Coachella. The diversity of artists from different genres ranging from Ellie Goulding to Guns N’ Roses creates a colorful canvas of musical flavor which caters to specific musical tastes while providing grand entertainment. With more than a dozen performers during the three-day event held this last April, Coachella once again stood up to its lofty reputation.

Aside from Coachella, April was an amazing month which offered a smorgasbord of music festivals such as the Spring Music Festival in Hungary, Seville’s Best Spring Party in Spain, The International Jazz Festival in England, and Sankat Mochan Musical Festival in India which guaranteed that one’s musical appetite would be satisfied. April in general had the feel of being the grand month for music and artistry and we were blessed to enjoy these precious gifts.

Like the gemstones among music festivals, the gemstones and accessories of Mystic Self are pieces of art with unforgettable color and flavor. While music allows one to express creativity, some gemstones are believed to ignite creativity in the wearer. For those who desire to stimulate their imagination, wearing garnets is supposed to boost one’s creativity and artistic ability. It is believed that this same effect is produced with iolite. Citrine is supposed to inspire one to become more enthusiastic to new ideas. Citrine is also supposed to remove fear and anxiety that many artists or aspiring artists experience such as feeling stressed about performing or how their music will be received by the audience and critics. Amber is supposed to help one to become more bold, creative and positive. Also, amber is believed to carry a “sunny energy” which makes one cheerful. Aside from amber, carnelian is another stone that creates a confident aura and enhances one’s ability to become more eloquent. Likewise, it radiates positivity thereby producing a sense of what can be described as a confident happiness!

Music, just like these semi-precious stones, has the capacity to inspire someone to express herself through various forms of media; buying semi-precious stone jewelry like what Mystic Self offers allows you to bring out your creativity with or without music. Also, take a look at our handbags and shawls that will surely inspire you to express yourself with beauty, creativity and confidence. Whether, you prefer Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Green Day, Blue Oyster Cult, or some other rock band, Mystic Self will rock you with all these beautiful colors and more which you can wear on all different parts of your body and express yourself. Have fun!

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By Jason Persse from Brooklyn, USA - Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, CC BY-SA 2.0:-