Everybody knows the importance of being confident! Without confidence, many of us can find ourselves feeling voiceless and unable to connect with others. Confidence building was something that I always struggled with and as a result I often turned down opportunities or prolonged doing something important. However, I believe that wearing crystals improved my self-esteem and provided the spark to try new things. If confidence doesn’t come naturally to you then gemstones may just be worth wearing and experimenting with. I have compiled a list of stones that are believed to help gradually boost your confidence.


Stones that are the colour of the sun are excellent for confidence boosting astrue self esteem is believed to be a function of the Sun. Carnelian boosts determination, drive and ambition which can help you be become more confident at work. The powerful stone also promotes confidence for the stage and clarifies the voice - perfect for anybody who may have to perform or speak in public. Wearing a beautiful Carnelian bracelet could give you the self-assurance you need to take a few more risks.

Rose Quartz

I know you’re probably wondering what the crystal associated with love has to do with confidence! But love comes in many forms including self-love. It’s true that this gorgeous crystal can help you attract love and increase your love for others, but it also helps you gain love for yourself. Rose Quartz gives you self-acceptance, helping you to embrace yourself even with your flaws. Once you begin to accept and love yourself, you will surely become more confident in your own skin. A striking Rose Quartz necklace can do wonders in discovering that newly found sense of confidence.


The beautiful crystal not only resembles the moon, but it also shines just like it, making it one of my personal favourites. Its aesthetics aren’t the only desirable characteristic of the stone because almost like the moon, it has calming properties that help to prevent any fears that you may have – particularly emotional fears. This is a great crystal to have with you when your confidence may be scathed by fear or emotional trauma as it aids in neutralising phobias. Moonstone enables you to carry on with your day without the risk of your confidence going down.


It would only make sense to include the Sunstone in my list. Just like Carnelian, the colour, shine and luminosity of this amazing stone is all associated with confidence. Sunstone will shine just as bright as the sun whenever you need your confidence to display that radiance too. Many wear or carry this stone when they want to showcase their talents, so if you’re in a situation where you need a little bit more confidence to demonstrate your skills, this gemstone should help you feel a lot more comfortable.


Peridot, a truly remarkable stone, is born from molten rock and brought to the surface through earthquakes and volcanos. This indeed is a powerful stone!Peridot was worn by early civilisations to prevent fearfulness and drive away the forces of darkness. Notably, Peridot instils confidence in your own abilities and helps you to move forward – whether that be in a professional or personal capacity. The visionary stone helps to motivate us to bring about necessary change which may have been difficult to do before because of a lack of confidence. The Romans wore Peridot to gain eloquence, inspiration and foresight which are all desirable qualities that assist in bringing about a more confident version of oneself. Peridot earrings can serve as a constant reminder about your own amazing self-worth.

Wearing this beautiful jewellery is enough to make anybody feel ten feet tall, but for those who may be a little on the reserved side these healing stones can help. It is time for you to exude that confidence and shine just as bright as the crystals.