The year has already started and with it come our new goals and wishes in all of the various aspects of our lives. We want to find love or preserve the love that we already possess; We want to be healthy or overcome a disease; We want money so that we don’t have to struggle.

For achieving the goals stated above , I recommend three crystal grids you can prepare at home. Before making my recommendations, I first want to explain what crystal grids are and how they work.

What Are Crystal Grids?

Crystal grids are very useful tools for manifesting a desire, goal or challenge you have in life. It will combine different type of crystals’ energies in highly effective ways.

This grid makes several gems work together by arranging them in a sacred geometric pattern. Instead of having just one gem work as a single player, you have an entire team of crystals.

Ancient cultures, such as the Christians, Hindus, Greeks and Egyptians eventually recognized that nature has different patterns and shapes that repeat very often.

These patterns became sacred geometric patterns in these early cultures. They symbolized things such as the continuity of life from birth through death and beyond. In addition, they realized that using the patterns in art, architecture and design harnessed their powers.

By using sacred geometric patterns with your crystals and a purpose, you will have in your hands a very powerful tool to achieve whatever you want in life.

One of the most used patterns is the Flower of Life, but there are many others that you can use. The shapes we arrange our crystals in will help create a shift in energy and help bring the desired change or anchor energy. It depends on what you are working towards.

Crystal Grid For Love

If it‘s love you are seeking or you just wish to maintain stability with your partner or family, then I recommend a crystal grid for love.

I recommend the pattern below whose image you can save on your computer and print it:

Once you have your grid, you will need to cleanse your crystals (you can learn how to do it in our post about the crystal quartz). I recommend you working specifically with rose quartz since it’s the universal love stone. It will also work very well if paired with garnet since this crystal has much more regenerative energy.

Rose quartz will work on the romance, intimacy and connection with your partner, while garnet will work on the sexual attraction and mutual commitment.

Write your purpose on a piece of paper and put the crystals and your purpose in your hands. Close your eyes and think about that purpose. This will charge the crystals with the intention you want from the grid.

Finally, place them on the grid. The purple dots are where you will need to put the quartz and the garnet. In the center, you can use crystal quartz or simply another rose quartz and place the paper with your purpose underneath this crystal. If it has a pointy shape, it will add more power to your grid.

You can leave it up for as long as you consider necessary and remember to cleanse your crystals before putting them away after you take your grid down.

Crystal Grid For Health

If you want to make a grid to focus on your health, you can use a variety of stones depending on what you specifically want to work on as revealed below:

  • Citrine: Happiness and overcoming depression.
  • Rose quartz: Self-love.
  • Fluorite: Helps calm the mind.
  • Carnelian: Reinforces motivation and willpower, so it will be perfect for starting a diet or exercise routine.
  • Sodalite: Communication.
  • Blue lace agate: Relieves stress.
  • Amethyst: Will help detox negative energies.
  • Crystal quartz: Helps with everything and if used in the center in its raw shape it will activate the grid.

Please read our posts about crystals for alleviating stress and headaches that you can use for your grid.

You can use as many stones as you want and this fruit of life shape will help you achieve your goal:

To activate it, follow the same steps as described in the love grid with the piece of paper and purpose and energizing the crystals with your hands. The same goes for the next grid I’m about to explain.

Crystal Grid For Abundance

If you want to attract money and abundance this year, you need to create a special grid for this purpose and it works best if the sacred geometry is the seed of life.

This form represents the seven stages of creation and continuous growth.

To set up this grid you will need a center crystal which will be your focus stone. It can be any crystal you want, but for the outer crystals, they need to be the same for this grid to work properly.

Then you need to set the stones of the first circle that surrounds the center crystal. It is better if they are rich-colored stones instead of translucent, pale or clear rocks.

At the outermost edges of your grid, you will place your desire stones that represent your intention. You can choose from any of the crystals we suggested in this post about crystals that attract wealth.

You can also add boundary stones to protect your intentions from negative energies and set them around the grid’s perimeter.

Other Useful Templates For Your Grids

You can download the following images and print them on a piece of paper to use for your crystal grids:

Flower of Life: This crystal grid will allow you to create many shapes and patterns for your chosen purpose and work with gems.

The shape consists of overlapping circles spaced out in six-fold symmetry to give it the look of a flower. It reflects perfection and harmony and it is known to depict the fundamental forms of space and time.

Tree of Life (I've highlighted the spots you will need to put the crystals on):

This pattern is associated with the Kabbalah, a tradition that uses it to understand the nature of God. It symbolizes "common descent".

Metatron’s Cube: There are 78 lines that form this pattern which also creates five platonic solids: the Star Tetrahedron or Star of David, a cube or hexahedron, an octahedron, a dodecahedron, and an icosahedron.

These geometrical shapes are spiritually perceived as the standard template forms which have given birth to all life forms.

Which of these three crystal grids and sacred patterns do you like the most and why?