The crystal or white quartz is one of my favorite stones because it is known as the universal healer. Not only will it bring you good luck by having one, but it also protects and provides you with positive energy.

Many people wear crystal quartz to reap benefits from their power in their everyday lives. It will purify all of your energies and those that surround you.That is, it will eliminate all of the negative energies that influence you on a daily basis without your being aware of their presence.

Crystal quartz especially alleviates anxiety. It will help you enter a state of meditation where you achieve calmness and reduce confusion. If you are feeling sad without understanding why, crystal quartz will help you see the positive side of things.

For those that work with chakras, crystal quartz is an ideal gemstone for all of them since it is an excellent cleanser of negative energies in general.

This type of quartz is also known as the crystal of self-help. With every passing day, we can absorb pressure and burdens that that cause pain and suffering. The white quartz will alleviate these feelings and will help you be more serene by balancing the energies.

Best Ways To Use The Crystal Quartz

This crystal can be used in many ways depending on the desired effect. The most typical use is as an amulet hanging as a pendant from your neck. Nevertheless, you can also wear it in other forms like the ones we carry at Mystic Self. Not only will you be protected, but you will also be wearing something beautiful.

White quartz also makes a very nice decoration for the house or office. If placed in the bedroom, it will help you fall asleep more peacefully and avoid nightmares.

Also, this quartz is often used in therapies in its naturally existing pointy shape. This form helps the chakras more directly.

You Probably Haven’t Noticed That Quartz Is Part Of Your Daily Life

Quartz is widely used in the manufacturing of quartz crystal resonators for frequency and time applications. These consist of a circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal to create an electric signal with a precise frequency.

This frequency is often used to keep track of time, as in watches, circuits, radio transmitters and receivers. Every person in the USA probably has at least a dozen quartz resonators in their immediate life.

Other uses for crystal quartz are glass-making. Not only can it be shaped into almost anything, but it is a very solid and durable material.

Another use is as an abrasive material in industries. It is also an anti-corrosive material and an electricity isolator.

Finally, it is frequently used as a heat resistor and as a sharpening tool such as those used for knives and cutleries.

Where Is Crystal Quartz Found In The World?

Quartz is the most abundant and widely distributed mineral found on the Earth's surface and it is present everywhere in the world.

It is a dominant material in mountaintops and the primary constituent of beach, river and desert sand because it forms at all temperatures and it is abundant in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.

The countries that export the most quartz in the world are China, Turkey, India, Spain, Brazil, United States, Germany, Italy, Canada, Egypt, Norway, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Belgium and Russia.

How To Cleanse Your Quartz And How Often

Since quartz absorbs energies, it is important to cleanse them regularly which is very easy to do.

Put them in a container with lots of fresh water and add sea salt. Some people prefer to leave them all night exposed to a full moon, but I prefer the energy of the sun. Don’t leave them exposed for too long; about 20 minutes will do the job.

If you have used quartz with someone else during a therapy session then it is recommended to cleanse them after each use. If you wear a crystal every day, a daily or weekly cleanse will be great. Don’t forget to cleanse them too if you just received or purchased the stone.

Another way to cleanse it is by putting the rocks under running water and visualizing positive energy that cleanses the crystals or by burying it on a clean patch of earth for a night.

Do you own a crystal quartz? Tell us what you like to use it for!