Many ancient cultures knew about the benefits crystals brought to their health and general well-being. The Egyptians did too.

In ancient Egypt, crystals were used frequently in rituals, more commonly when burying the dead. It was believed that their energetic power helped them find their way in the afterlife.

Favorite Crystals Ancient Egyptians Used

Quartz was widely used since Egyptians believed it had special powers. It is known that pharaohs and priests placed them in cylinders nearby to balance the energies in the body.

Lapis lazuli was also very popular. This crystal was believed to bring enlightenment and awareness and it was also frequently worn by female royalty such as Cleopatra who even wore it as an eyeshadow sometimes!

This stone’s blue color also symbolized the heavens which is why it can also be found on pharaohs tombs and masks. It is also associated with the Third Eye and the ability to perceive intuitively.

Rubies were also used, mostly by belly dancers, since they were thought to embody sexuality.

Other crystals were Chrysolite (also known as topaz or peridot) which was used to fight night terrors and purge evil spirits; Galena and malachite which was grounded as a powder and used for eyeshadow too; And other green stones that represented the deceased’s heart and was included in burials.

Egyptians also carved amulets from crystals. Some of the stones they used for this purpose were agate, lapis lazuli, carnelian and turquoise.

It is also speculated that the Egyptians pyramids were capped with crystals to channel cosmic forces into them.

And since it was believed stones had special healing powers, beads of lapis lazuli, malachite and red jasper were put around a sick person’s neck to alleviate his or her symptoms. Sometimes they could be pulverized and consumed as a medicinal drink depending on what ailment the person was suffering from and which crystal was considered most suitable to treat the ailment.

Yellow stones were preferred for jaundice, red ones for bleeding, and blue for circulation. Would you drink a crystal elixir to fight a disease?

Malachite was also used for improving vision and treating dental and gum problems. Citrine was used for digestive issues and eating disorders, but also for treating depression and anxiety.

Egyptians also liked obsidian since they believed it alleviated pain in addition to helping heal wounds and improve concentration.

Tiger’s Eye is another crystal Egyptians used for stomach problems. Turquoise was used for migraines, sight and hearing.

Egyptian Crystal Color Meaning

Ancient Egyptians believed that lapis lazuli resembled the heavens. In the colorful world of the Egyptians, red jasper represented fire, life and blood. Malachite, serpentine and feldspar, which are green, were related to growth and fertility.

Which of these “Egyptian crystals” is your favorite?