We sometimes blame the planet Mercury for those periods when everything seems to go wrong. From complications in our daily tasks to miscommunication, when Mercury is Retrograde the world turns upside down for us.

This year not only will we experience the effects of Mercury Retrograde, but also from Venus and Mars Retrograde. The dates you need to watch out for are the following:

  • 1. From March 24 to April 16.
  • 2. From July 27 to August 20.
  • 3. From November 18 to December 7.

During these periods you need to read carefully anything you sign (watch out for the small print!). Also, stay focused when you’re purchasing things like plane tickets, real estate, cars, and computers.

How Can Crystals Help You During This Period?

Every time Mercury goes Retrograde it lasts for three weeks which means that the planet appears to be moving in a backwards motion. Many people say they feel grumpy or depressed during this period.

Don’t worry! Crystals can aide you during this period by protecting you. They will help you stay more calm, grounded and focused if you are experiencing the effects of Mercury Retrograde. You can hold them in your hands to harness their energy or you can place them beside your bed or in your purse or pocket.

Some of the crystals that will be beneficial for you during this period are as follows:

Quartz Crystal: This stone is the universal healer. It will bring clarity and focus to your life. It will also remove blockages or obstacles that you may encounter. Crystal Quartz will remind you that you hold the power, choice, and insight that is necessary to enact real changewhen looking at it.

Black Tourmaline: This crystal will assist you in letting go of fear and anxiety that you might feel during Mercury Retrograde. You will feel safe with this crystal near you.

Aquamarine: This rock helps you enhance your communication. It also possesses a calming energy.

Jade: It will help improve both your verbal and written communication during this period.

Tree Agate: You will experience a powerful sense of inner peace thanks to the Tree Agate. Your nerves will calm down, allowing you to concentrate and have your senses on point to focus on what you’re doing.

Hematite: This crystal will make you feel grounded and it will also push away any excess and unwanted negative energy surrounding you.

Fluorite: It also helps with handling stress and anxiety. Many refer to this crystal as an energetic vacuum cleaner that sucks up negative energies.

Indigo Gabbro: This is a rock I like to have near me especially when I need to concentrate at work. It helps you to focus and overcome distractions.

Amazonite: This crystal will help you express yourself with clarity and grace. Since Mercury Retrograde specially impacts communication, Amazonite will help negate the negative effect. It is also believed that this crystal reminds the possessor to not take oneself too seriously and have fun!

Another way to carry these crystals with you is by wearing them as jewelry. Imagine how protected and centered you will be with a long a Crystal Quartz anklet that you wear all day? I, for example, love to wear an Amethyst pendant everyday. It makes me feel like no negative energy will ever affect me.

Be Prepared For Mercury Retrograde

Use the information provided in this post for your advantage and be prepared when Mercury Retrograde arrives. Still, everything happens for a reason even what we think something is negative, but it serves as a valuable and beneficial learning experience for us.

Crystals will help you stay focused and look at everything from a calmer perspective. If your day is not going well, take a breath, hold your Crystal Quartz in your hands and then take another deep breath. Let the Quartz do its thing and breathe. Allow the energy to flow. Then, when you’re feeling better, return to what you were doing and remember to stay focused.