We all have suffered or suffer from stress in our lives. Our surroundings, pressure at work and everyday struggles make us have a stressful life which adds up little by little. Nevertheless, we learn how to deal with it instead of finding a more permanent solution to this issue.

If not addressed properly, stress can lead to diseases, headaches, stomach pains, depression, ulcers, heart attacks, addictions, and muscle contractures, but we don’t have to live life like this. We can take advantage of crystal therapy and get rid of the negative effects of stress.

Rocks and crystals are believed to have many properties, the main reason being that they have a concentrated amount of energy in them. They release electromagnetic waves and sounds in a very unique way depending on their own vibration. These frequencies and vibrations can come into sync with human vibrations which can cause positive effects.

The way we can make these crystals work in our favor is by placing them strategically around the house, wearing them as pendants or jewelry, or by simply holding them on our hands.

The following are some of the gemstones that I recommend for relieving stress:

Lapis Lazuli

A very useful crystal for helping to deal with stress or depression is lapis lazuli. Not only does it relieve stress but also benefits you physically and mentally.

Lapis lazuli also opens the third eye, balances the throat chakra and helps bring a profound sense of peace to the person who uses it.

To use lapis lazuli, it is ideal to put it over the third eye or your throat. It also works on your diaphragm or anywhere on the sternum.

Black Tourmaline

This is another great crystal that helps unblock negative energy and prevent aggressive reactions and fear from overtaking us. Further, it helps to alleviate feelings of anguish, fear, stress, envy, and hate that come from within or from the outside.

You can use black tourmaline when meditating. Hold these gems on your hands and in front of your heart for a few minutes and you will feel how stress leaves your body. You can also use it on your root chakra too.


This crystal helps to fight stress by absorbing it. The best way to use it is over or around the ear lobes.

If you work every day with a computer or electronic devices, you can also place a fluorite crystal nearby so that it can absorb electromagnetic waves that could harm or stress you out.


It is said that black onyx promotes strength and perseverance and helps create self-trust by being in harmony with the environment. It makes negative energy go away and aides you to find physical and spiritual balance.

Onyx vibrates in a way that it sends tranquility and relaxing energies to any living being nearby; It even helps you sleep better at night and get rid of nightmares.


This gemstone is believed to decrease depression and anxiety because it helps people think more clearly. It also stimulates originality, and creativity and increases self-esteem.

Opal comes in different colors and it can be used on the heart chakra.

HowCrystals Can Help ToRelieveStress

For crystal therapy to work correctly, it is very important for one to be receptive to change in their lives. While the crystals provide you with the required energy, they won’t work unless you are willing to connect with their energy and then release your stress.

Also, it is very important to note that when suffering from chronic stress, you might need to combine therapies which includesany recommendations made from your physician.

Don’t forget that stress is a sign from our body that we are doing something wrong in our lives and it’s time to pay more attention to and make the necessary changes in our lifestyle, activities, or surroundings to relieve our stress and heal.

Remember that before performing any ritual with your crystals, you need to first cleanse them. Next, you need to “program” them for the desired goal which under our current topic is reduction of stress.

Hold the crystals in your hands and mentally connect the by sending positive vibes and thoughts about the goal you wish to achieve which is to relieve your stress.

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