Many of us turn to crystals for clarity and guidance. For many who believe in crystals and their powers, the twinkling stars above us also reveal much about our lives. So, why not combine our star signs and crystals?

We all have those days when we feel energetically drained, whether this be from a hard day at work, a nasty conflict or it’s just one of those days. At these times when we feel a little down, our inner spirits can desperately long for a promising and reassuring blast of energy. Luckily, there are ways that we can reconnect with our spirit, mind and body as an alternative to letting the bad energies ruin our days. The next time you feel down or subjected to negative energies, stepping outside with your astrology crystals will help. According to ancient wisdom, pairing your crystals with your zodiac sign can help you attain special energies to your advantage. So let’s pair them up!


Aquarius, you are known for being pensive, free-spirited and creative. You do exactly what you want, which can sometimes make you come into conflict with others – and this is when your crystals will come in handy. Aquamarine, Amethyst and Yellow Jasper can help you feel more at peace with yourself and those close to you, ensuring you don’t engage in any unnecessary negative energy.


Known for their gentle and kind spirit, the weakness of your compassionate nature is that other people’s negative energy may affect yours. Your astrology crystals can bring insight into the negative energy around you and enable you to express your feelings with greater ease. You should try Aquamarine, Chrysocolla and Amethyst.


You have constant high energy and thus have a lot of enthusiasm and optimism, but you also find it hard to relax. Bronzite, Citrine and Turquoise can all help you connect with your inner-self and provide you with guidance.


While you have natural leadership qualities, your tendency to suffer from a lack of relaxation calls for healing stones that alleviate your tension and stress. Aries crystal stones strengthen your natural leadership skills while causing a lot less strain. The best crystals for Aries are Garnet, Citrine and Carnelian.


Capricorn, while your ambition and drive is extremely admirable, you’re known as being the rock for many people. But, maybe you want to focus on yourself a tiny bit which is exactly what your Capricorn crystals will help you achieve. Trying cleansing your body and mind with Garnets, Azurite and Peridots.


Libra, you are tremendously sociable and demonstrate a strong willingness to compromise which sometimes leads you to be slightly indecisive. Libra crystals can offset this; Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite and Citrine can help you make firmer and unwavering decisions to increase your confidence.


You are a perfectionist whose accomplishments are outstanding, but you also need to learn to relax and chill out. Malachite, Amethyst and Citrine can help you relax and restore your peace of mind.


You are an effortless socialite, and just like the regal lion that represents you, people are drawn towards you and your warmth. Your crystals will compliment you perfectly, fuelling the fire, power and wisdom. Tiger’s Eye, Garnet and Carnelian will all help you roar even louder.


Your connection to the earth means you are often selfless and positive but perhaps a little reserved? Your Virgo stones will help you become more confident. Kyanite can help you leave your comfort zone and Jade will compliment your traits all whilst helping you prosper.


Cancer, you’re always caring for other people, meaning you can find it hard to relax or truly consider yourself. Moonstone, Red Jasper, and Abalone Shell all help you de-stress a little bit, remain effortlessly stable for those that you do care for and connect you to your own personal emotions, giving you the all-important reason to look after yourself a little bit.


You represent the twin signs which allows you to adapt well to change. But you can enhance your natural strength of adaptation with Jade, Quartz and Carnelian which all enrich you with greater wisdom to help you better understand the change which is taking place.


Your ability to remain calm in most circumstances is enviable and your crystals will compliment this trait. Carnelian, Pyrite and Peridot give you more power, allowing you to trust your steady instincts. Using your Taurus crystals can help dismantle any obstacles that may be in your way, which can keep you on the most productive path possible.