As Easter is just around the corner, it’s time to take off the dull and bleak shades of winter and bring back the bright and happy colors that celebrate the return of spring. Easter is symbolized by different elements for centuries; this include rabbits, lambs, lilies, crosses and a lot more. However, the greatest symbol of Easter is the simple egg. It is the oldest and most universal representation of rebirth and new life.

Ancient cultures have incorporated the egg as an essential part of their Easter holiday tradition. Egyptians and Persians give out dyed eggs in spring colors symbolizing renewed life before Christ. Greeks exchange red eggs symbolizing Christ’s blood, while Austrians give out green ones. Romans have the most unique take on Easter eggs because they are adorned with precious metals, enamels, jewelries and other expensive embellishments. They were also the first to create Easter Eggs made out of precious and semi-precious stones.

Today, many cultures share the custom of offering Easter eggs in the form of round chocolates, hard boiled eggs, plastic colored eggs filled with candies or confectionery, dyed chicken eggs and a lot more. The interpretation of the Easter Egg has evolved over the years and people prefer to give Easter gifts which can be kept for a long time. Easter gemstone eggs are not only great gift ideas, they also have desirable energies that can help renew and create new beginnings. Here are some Easter gemstone eggs with their associated meanings.

Selenite Egg

Selenite, named after the Moon goddess Selene is a stone that brings about reconciliation and renewed love. It helps you reach out for spiritual guidance and give you mental clarity to dispel confusions. Selenite also allows you achieve deep, inner peace and improve your telepathic ability. You can place Selenite eggs in every corner of your home for protection and create a peaceful and safe environment.

Rose Quartz Egg

Although the Rose Quartz is a love stone, it is also an excellent Easter egg because of its healing properties and ability to encourage self-love which can liberate a person from negative energy and allow them to start new life. The stone imparts empathy and sensitivity; it also encourages fertility which is one very important aspect of what the Easter egg symbolizes.. Further, the Rose Quartz egg helps relieve stress and tension.

Calcite Egg

The calcite egg which is reputed to be an energy cleanser, it is also recognized as active gemstone that accelerates development and growth. Calcite is a powerful energizer which can calm the mind, improve memory and foster positive thoughts and ideas. If you place a calcite egg inside a room, it will get rid of negative energy and relieve emotional stress.

Crystal Quartz Egg

Considered one of the most common stones in the world, the crystal quartz is a powerful gemstone for healing and amplification of positive energy. It is used for meditation in order to achieve spiritual renewal. Gazing into the crystal quartz is said to relax the mind and enables you to open your inner chakra.

Agate Egg

The agate egg is an ancient stone that has numerous benefits. It strengthens spiritual maturity and encourages spiritual growth, fortifies inner sensitivity and vision, diminishes inner tensions and improves rational thought. If you carry an agate egg with you, it will safeguard you from negative energy.

Amethyst Egg

Used by Egyptians to protect them from feelings of guilt and fear, the amethyst egg is an ancient stone that has several important qualities. The amethyst egg aids in opening one’s spiritual and psychic centers; it also has strong meditative and healing powers. The gemstone represents spiritual wisdom and piety - two core values associated with Easter.

Labradorite Egg

The labradorite egg strengthens intuition and opens up inner spiritual realms. The gemstone is also a meditative stone that stimulates the imagination, fosters creativity and encourages life and enthusiasm. If you have new projects or endeavors, labradorite brings good luck and success.

Lapis Lazuli Egg

Lapis lazuli is one of the oldest gemstones in the world; it has been mined for more than 6000 years. This lovely deep royal blue gem is known for its powerful energies such as encouraging self-awareness and nurturing wisdom, honesty and trust. The lapis lazuli egg is best given to individuals who find it hard to develop meaningful relationships because the gemstone enables them to open many chakra centers (in Indian religion, chakra is a specific energy point).

While Easter is a day enjoyed by many, it is important to remember its religious importance. Easter is the day when Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s victory over death and remember his loving and selfless sacrifice that redeems them from their sins and makes them whole again.For Christians, Easter is a day that symbolizes the eternal life granted to all those who have faith in Jesus Christ.

However, similar to Christmas, many regardless of their religious background or beliefs celebrate Easter as a day when children and adults alike can participate in Easter egg hunts, marvel over beautifully colored and decorated eggs and be graced by thoughts of cute little bunnies which may also come in the form of edible chocolates! We at Mystic Self wish you a very Happy Easter!