Goldstone, also known as sunstone, is a rock I love! With its very sparkly look, it looks like a petrified drop of sunlight.

This rock is actually a type of glittering glass created in a low-oxygen reducing atmosphere. This means that it can’t be found in nature. It was first produced in Venice during the XVII century by the Miotti family with credit specifically going to the Venetian glass crafter, Vincenzo Miotti. It’s often referred to as aventurine glass based on the Italian word “avventurina” which means adventure, chance or accidental.

Other names for this rock are Stellaria, Gold Star Glass, Gold Flux, Monkgold and Monk’s Stone.

What Is Goldstone Made Of?

As an artificially created glass, it comes from the combination of Gypsum and Feldspar with added copper flecks to give the illusion of sparkle. It also usually has a reddish brown color, but you can find some in blue or green tones too.

There’s a myth surrounding the Goldstone and how it was first made. As the legend goes, some alchemists monks (some stories claim they were French while others say they were Italian) were trying to produce gold, but ended up creating Goldstone instead.

Another story says that the monks were really attempting to create molten glass, but accidentally knocked some copper shavings into the pot and... Goldstone was born! Since the “recipe” seemed to have been lost in time, it was often mistaken for a natural mineral, secretly mined my monks… but now you know that it’s not something you can find lying around in nature.

Hidden Powers of the Goldstone

Even if it’s not a natural mineral like quartz, for example, Goldstone has hidden powers.

Goldstone is known as the Stone of Ambition and it can help you achieve your goals, No goal will be too daunting to conquer with goldstone, and it will also help you stay calm during the process.

Another message related to Goldstone is that “sometimes you have to lose your mind to find yourself”. I think it has something to do with the accidental creation of this rock which could have easily been discarded, but which ended up achieving distinction.

Goldstone will also help you stay focused and enthusiastic about your goals.This provides Goldstone with the power to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions so that with the necessary effort, your dreams will come true.

Some people believe that since Goldstone is just glass, it has no special properties. But, it is important to realize that glass is associated with personal metamorphosis and transformation. Copper, which are the shiny golden freckles you can see on the stone, is believed to have properties which help with harmonizing relationships, attracting abundance and creativity.

Goldstone in Jewelry

Goldstone has become very popular through time and you can find it in wide variety of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings and more! It was only after information on how to produce this rock was disseminated, around the early XIX century, that people began to create it.

The website Shimmerlings says that the original Goldstone appears to have been prized by the Chinese who referred to it as “Jinxing Boli” which is said to mean “gold star glass”. Today, you can find it in many jewelry stores in different shapes and sizes.

Goldstone is popular for being the Zodiac Stone of Sagittarius and it’s also associated with Jupiter and Venus.

It’s no wonder that Goldstone is associated with Venice since this region is known worldwide for professional glass-making since the XIII century. The island of Murano is famous for its Venetian glass which dazzles and distinguishes itself with its color and elaborate craftsmanship.