Evil Eye Jewellery Across the World

Evil eye symbolism is seen throughout various cultures and religions. It's the idea of a talisman warding off negative energy, preventing bad things, and breaking curses.

So what exactly does the evil eye jewellery mean and what kind of things does it ward off? As someone unfamiliar with the philosophy, I wanted to explore a little deeper and understand what evil eye jewellery is all about.

Malevolent Gaze

The first thing I came across was the idea of breaking or warding off curses. A malevolent gaze which is something that happens when you're totally unaware, seeks to cause everything from small misfortunes to injury. This curse is called an 'Evil Eye' which is what evil eye jewellery is supposed to ward off. Interestingly, not all evil gazes are intentional. Some do seek out to harm, but others don't intend to cause wickedness even if they do. However, the third and unseen type is the one most jewellery seeks to prevent.

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The belief in preventing the evil gaze is popular from Western Europe to the Middle East and many tourists pick up pieces of evil eye jewellery from Italy to Iran. However, some think that the evil eye jewellery originated in Egypt. It was believed that when Horus, the falcon-headed god of the sky, opened his eyes, the world was enlightened, but when he closed them then everything became dark. So, having an eye symbol meant you could channel that and use it to reflect negativity and the three types of evil.

A Helping Hand

Different cultures also have differing symbols as remedies for warding off the evil gaze. In many religions, a hand can be seen to ward off bad spirits, curses, and negativity. Certain hamsa hand jewellery has an embedded evil eye blue bead amongst several other kinds of arranged beads.

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In Jewish and Muslim cultures such jewellery is prevalent. The Hand of Fatima amulet is called a Khamsa which comes from the Arabic word for five, like the five fingers. This has long been a positive symbol to ward off the evil eye.

Colours and Meanings

So whilst there is a distinctive look to most evil eye jewellery, there are some differences in what each colour and symbol means. For example, in Turkey, the bright blue colour is associated with water. In such a hot and dry country, the fresh blue is about brining things to life and letting them prosper.

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Alternatively, in Jewish cultures red is often seen as the colour of good luck and good fortune, so you can find evil eyes with hints of red added.

Generally, the darker blue in jewellery symbolizes good karma, positive energies, and of course, protection against evil whilst the light blue inner colour is direct protection against the evil eye stare.

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We have covered just some of the meanings and history behind evil eye jewellery. It's a beautiful symbol and the blue just radiates positive feelings, so it's easy to see why it has become such a strong symbol for many beyond its original cultural ties. With Halloween approaching, it was a perfect time to explore some of the ways people have been protecting themselves against bad spirits, curses and negative energy throughout history and the world.