Every year I can't wait to take the winter greyness off my back by wearing something shiny and colorful. And shop windows become full of temptation when you're hungry for color. Why not take a look at the fashion trend of the new season and find out what will look best on you? I've already peeked and there's something for everyone! A little spoiler? Orange will rule in all its shades!


Second is blue, but it was predictable since wearing the complementary color of orange is a way to enhance its brightness. But don't be afraid, if you are not a lover of glossy, contrasting looks, there are also softer and rare nuances with which it will be wonderful to create exquisite and radiant outfits. Let's take a look at the most iconic colors of the new Spring/Summer fashion season.

Bright and Bold

Let's start with the strongest colors of the new season, Flame Scarlet and Classic Blue. Flame Scarlet is a very seductive, joyous and playful color; a bright red scarlet with a bit of coral inside. It’s perfect to emphasize porcelain skins with a peach undertone, and I'm sure you would like to have it as a lipstick. It's the kind of lipstick that would have driven Marilyn Monroe crazy!

While Classic Blue is the strong and bold color of lapis lazuli, you can combine it with any kind of look to add grit and a touch of oriental magnetism. Outerwear or accessory, it's your choice. Always elegant, it's impossible to go wrong with a classic.

Orange is the new Red!

It has to be said, this palette has so many shades of colors with more or less orange in it that if orange is your color, this is for sure your season! And carnelian and agates will be your gemstones! Orange Peel, Saffron and Cinnamon Stick, they are ingredients for a sweet and spicy season, so adorn yourself in these beautiful shades.

However, if you prefer the softer colors which show off the femininity and delicacy on a silk blouse and faded denim jeans, the choice will naturally fall on a beautiful moonstone jewel. Its milky glow makes its beads a beautiful accord of warm neutral tones from the softer oranges to the Coral Pink accents and alternates them with sand, grey and white.

Star Drops

Sunlight deserves more words devoted to it! It is not the usual cold yellow, because it also has a splash of orange inside. Besides, softness and lightness, give it the typical allure of pastel colors. Even if citrine has not the same nuance, they match each other very well. The citrine quartz is a clear crystal that magnifies lightness, working perfectly with a tone-ontone combination. This means that it will dress wonderfully on those who can't stand much contrast.

And finally purple! One of the most feminine and sophisticated color that suits every woman, and is perfect in adding glamour to any look. A pair of high heels and a necklace can change in a glance a daytime outfit into a more refined and personal look. Grape Compote is a velvety complex shade of darkish violet, a plum with a slight touch of bordeaux and grey. It recalls the deeper shades of amethyst crystals. As the luminous color this gemstone radiates comes from the union of warm and cold colors, Amethyst is instinctively chosen by people engaged in the search for a deep balance and meanings.