We’re told never to judge a book by its cover, but the way that we dress can definitely leave a lasting impression on the people we meet. The clothes we choose to wear and the outfits we put together allow us to express different aspects of our personalities, emotions and interests and can have an impact on the way strangers, friends and colleagues perceive and interact with us. Cool pastel colours can give the impression of being calm and in control while bright neon clothing can draw attention and imply an outgoing personality.

As you learn to embrace your spirituality and unleash your inner goddess, you may find that your taste in fashion and style begins to change. Rather than plain tops and tight-fitting jeans, you may find yourself swaying towards brighter colours, stand out jewellery and unusual choices. If you fancy a new style and want to learn how to express your spirituality through the way that you dress, then worry not – we’ve got five great tips to help you build your perfect wardrobe!

1. Comfort Is Key!

Have you ever purchased a really beautiful and expensive top, only to put it on and discover that the fabric was uncomfortable or itchy? No matter how lovely the top might be, if you don’t feel comfortable in it then you won’t want to wear it.

When picking out new items to build your perfect wardrobe, don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of cloth or fabric. If you see something that you might like to buy, ask if you can try it on so that you can see how it feels against your skin. If the item feels itchy, too tight or just uncomfortable then try to avoid that fabric or style in the future – it’s impossible to feel free, relaxed and empowered if you’re always scratching yourself!

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment!

If your idea of a statement pattern is spots or stripes then you’re missing out! For your new wardrobe, consider drawing inspiration from some of the most creative, spiritual and beautiful cultures, continents and countries in the world - such as China, India and Africa.
Whether the patterns you like are floral, geometric or something more simple, don’t be afraid to wear them in public – the key to looking like a goddess in any outfit is having confidence in yourself.

3. Wear clothes as free as your spirit!

If you usually only wear tight-fitting clothes made from firm materials then you’ll know how it feels to have your movements restricted by your clothing and chances are that you’ll get too warm very quickly in the summer.
Wearing loose clothing allows you to live your life without restrictions, meaning that you are free to explore your surroundings, have an impromptu picnic while sitting on the grass in your local park, or even meditate with some yoga in your garden. Additionally, wearing loose clothing will help you to stay cool in hot weather and it looks good on every body shape.

4. Accessorize Like A True Goddess!

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you’ll know all about the wonderful energies and blessings that gemstones can bring upon the people who wear them. You’ll also be aware that many people choose to worship Hindu goddesses with gemstones and jewels that they associate with their powers and abilities. In order to look and feel like a true goddess, consider accessorizing your new wardrobe with necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings and brooches that contain gemstones associated with positive powers and luck that you would like to incorporate into your daily life. Take a look around, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect items to suit your style (no matter what your budget and tastes might be)!

5. Think Ethical!

You already know that we need to take care of our planet, but don’t forget to do your bit to help other people and living things as well! When buying new items to build up your wardrobe, consider looking for clothes and accessories made from more sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton and wool, linen, or even hemp. You can also aim to avoid anything made with real fur and consider buying fake leather products instead of the real thing. Additionally, before you hit the shops, find out where and how their clothes are made – some shops sell clothing that has been made by adults and children in poor factory conditions for very small wages. If you don’t want to support that then there are lots of wonderful companies and businesses that work to ensure their clothes and accessories are made by well-paid and happy employees – just do some research, and soon you’ll be shopping like a goddess as well as looking like one!

So, there you go: five easy steps to help you build the perfect wardrobe to allow you to express your spirituality. It might take a while and you may need to experiment with different colours, styles and accessories, but once you start wearing clothes that reflect your personality, you will start to feel happier, more confident, and proudly unique – three things that will help you to look and live like the goddess that you know you are! Good luck and have fun!

Image Source: Bernard Gagnon - Young women looking at the Bay of Bengal (CC BY-SA 2.0)