It’s that time of year again. Christmas is long gone, and spring sits in wait, but amidst the frosty mornings and brisk winter breezes – something romantic is starting to brew. That’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day! While some may believe that you can only truly celebrate Valentine’s Day if you’re in love,  here at Mystic Self, we refuse to take such a narrow view.


Love is in the air, love makes the world go round, all you need is love (it’s okay, it’s a Valentines-themed blog, so we’re allowed to be cheesy). Yes, the 14th of February may be traditionally associated with romantic love, but whether you’re celebrating gal-entines day with your girlfriends or just looking for an excuse to treat yourself, there are plenty of ways to get loved up, whether you’re in a relationship or not. So, no matter what your relationship status come February 14th – here are four ways you can get loved up this Valentine’s Day.



  1. Get The Love Cooking

 Is there anything better than a delicious home cooked meal? Whether you are generously making it for your partner or just cooking up a storm for yourself, there’s something extra special about a meal that’s cooked from scratch. Take some inspirations from the old romantics over in Paris and put together some steak and frites, coq au vin, or ratatouille (for all the vegetarians out there!). The real trick to making a lovely, romantic meal is preparation and decoration – so set out your candles, get your nicest wine glasses from the cupboard and don’t forget to dress for the occasion. Why not try an alternative to the classic red getup and opt for some nice soft purple shades to wear at dinner, instead? Then you can pair your look with our delicate amethyst necklace and earrings – they will ensure you look elegant, classy and loved-up as you sit down to a delicious homemade meal.  



  1. Pamper Yourself Silly

 Valentine’s Day is no time for hard work! Feeling lovey-dovey is as good  an excuse as any to kick back and relax for the evening. The great thing about a pamper session is that it works whether you’ve got a partner  or not. So, get the face masks in – fill up your bubble bath (and your champagne bubbles!) so that you’re all ready for some real TLC. This last year has been incredibly difficult, and a bit of self-care is likely just what the doctor ordered. And what pamper session would be complete without a few little treats to go with it? You could drop some hints to your significant other about your favorite chocolates, flowers and jewelry – or even just splash out and treat yourself. Whatever way you go about it, a good bit of relaxation will rekindle a loving and generous spirit.   



  1. Dress To The Nines

 It’s true that most of us have fewer places to go out this year, but that just makes getting dressed up at home all the more special. Of course, it is sometimes nice to lounge in our pajamas and chill out – but if you’re just dying for the chance to style it out with something a little more sophisticated, what better day to do it than Valentine’s Day? So, get that outfit together and why not order a few new items of clothing to make it extra special!. And don’t forget to make your fashion statement one to remember with some extra jewelry to dazzle that special someone. We might be a little biased, but we really can’t think of a better way to complete an outfit than with some gorgeous gemstone pieces. Check out some of our most romantic gemstone jewelry styles including moonstone earrings, multi-agate necklaces n and lapis lazuli bracelets (plus much more!).



  1. Exchange Thoughtful Gifts

 You didn’t seriously think we’d leave out gift-giving on Valentine’s Day, did you? If you’re not a fan of the more commercial side of this day, you can always sidestep the need for over-the-top gifts by crafting something homemade or even writing a romantic love letter. However, if you are a fan of glitz and glamour, you can still add some extra thought to the gifts you purchase to make the day extra special. Whether it’s seeking out a first edition of your lover’s favorite book, looking for a scarf in their exact favorite color, or picking out some jewelry associated with their birthday (or with Valentine’s Day itself – the gemstone linked with February is amethyst!). It’s always good to share the joy by putting a smile on a loved one’s face with a special gift. Don’t hang around though, classic Valentines treats like heart-shaped candy and earrings will sell out soon – get gift hunting now!


However you decide to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, we hope that the 14th of February reminds you of all the wonders of love – both platonic AND romantic! If you’re still seeking a gift for that special someone, browse our beautiful gemstone jewelry collection today.