It’s officially December which can only mean one thing: the holidays are approaching. Whether you’re preparing for Christmas, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, or even just a long-awaited New Years’ Eve party, chances are that you have gifts to buy for a host, friend, or loved one.

Buying gifts can be difficult - it’s the thought that counts, but sometimes you just can’t think of a single good present to buy! All of the ideas suggested online are out of your budget and you don’t have a clue what clothes size the recipient is or what they already own. You would send a gift card, but you’re not even sure what shops they might shop in! Before long, you’re completely out of ideas and you’re starting to run out of time. Sound familiar? If so, don’t panic - this year, Mother Nature has you sorted!

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift to suit any budget then gemstones are the way to go. These beautiful, natural stones are a popular choice for gifts, and come in a variety of forms, from key rings and paperweights to necklaces and bracelets. Available in a wide range of colors, each gemstone is associated with special qualities or powers that have been recognized and harnessed throughout the ages for use in spells, meditation, healing and more! Some stones are believed to banish stress and negativity while others promote good health, emotional strength and even financial success, meaning that there’s a perfect stone out there for everyone.

For someone going through a tough time, Quartz Crystals are a perfect gift. Believed to absorb bad energies, amplify happiness and promote mental clarity, these gems are popular with people who need help to find some balance in their lives and have a lot to think about and deal with. As an added bonus, Quartz Crystals are quite iconic and well-recognized which means that they are slightly easier to find than rarer and lesser-known gemstones. Due to their popularity, jewelry containing this stone can also be a bit cheaper than other gemstone jewelry which is a great advantage if you need to stick to a budget when buying a gift.

TIf you’re looking for a gemstone that is both meaningful and intensely beautiful then a Ruby may be the perfect solution. Beloved by royals and emperors throughout history, Rubies are commonly associated with strong emotions, protection and confidence. Wearing a Ruby is believed to provide feelings of power and determination and these stones are said to help strengthen feelings of love, passion and desire. A piece of jewelry containing a Ruby makes a great gift for someone you are romantically involved with or even a friend who hopes to find love in the new year.

If the recipient of your gift is someone who aims to make a big life change in the new year such as starting a business, getting married or finding a new job then consider giving them a Green Tourmaline. This gem is associated with luck and success and is believed to attract opportunities for prosperity which could certainly be of benefit to anyone who has an uncertain future ahead of them. Giving someone this stone is a great way to say “I support you in what you are doing, and I want to wish you the best of luck” which makes it a very thoughtful and meaningful gift.

For every situation, personality and occasion, there is a gemstone to provide help, support or strength. Presenting a loved one with a gemstone shows them that you care about them and have spent time thinking about the perfect gift while their natural and stunning beauty ensures that regardless of whether or not a recipient understands and believes in the power and energies of gemstones, they will cherish your gift for years to come. For more suggestions about the perfect gemstone to give, have a look at some of our previous blog posts - then sit back and relax, knowing that your gift-giving worries are over!

Petr Kratochvil - Red Christmas Present on White Background (Public Domain)