Christmas is the time of the year that reminds us of sharing, giving to those who have less than us, and spending time with our loved ones. Whether you’re religious or not, it’s almost impossible not to enjoy the feeling these holidays bring with them.

So, to go with the present-giving atmosphere and the get-togethers with the people that surround us, we need gemstones that match the Christmas season. I’ve selected a few for you that are perfect for autumn and winter-time and recommend what crystal you can give as a present during this time of year.

Top 3 gemstones to wear over Christmas

The first one I’ll mention is the diamond. It’s always a classy choice and can match anything you wear. It’s perfect for Christmas-time because of its beautiful sparkle and I guarantee that it will never let you down.

The next gemstone for Christmas is the ruby. It has a warm hue that matches the Christmas feeling of love, caring and sharing. The ruby is a beautiful stone that will give you a very elegant look when wearing it.

Finally, there’s the blue sapphire. It’s very popular around this time of year because its color matches the colors of winter: a very deep blue that looks like ice. You’ll certainly feel like royalty with a blue sapphire!

Give a Crystal as a Present on Christmas

Have you already decided what is your favorite gemstone for Christmas? Great! So how about giving one to someone you love? Or perhaps a crystal? Gemstones and crystals have a very specific meaning and can be useful for different purposes.

Crystals have healing properties and can impact positively the people that surround them or carry them by maintaining a positive energy field. Don’t you think this goes perfectly with the Christmas season?

For instance, the quartz crystal, which I love, is also known as the “stone of power”, and it is a multi-purpose healing stone that absorbs negative energies. Wouldn’t it be great to give it to someone you care about to promote balance and harmony in his or her life?

Aventurine is also an excellent choice to help attract prosperity and wealth. Give it as a present to someone you think that needs to release negative patterns or behaviors and substitute them with positivity and growth.

Choose the tiger eye to bring strength and courage to someone you care about. It will help them create great opportunities for themselves as well as work on their patience, focus and determination.

Lapis lazuli will make a wonderful present if you want to give someone enhanced intuition and awareness. It is also a great stone to overcome feelings of sadness and depression as well as improving the communication and openness of the person who carries it.

What about a beautiful golden rock that looks like petrified sunshine? I’m talking about the goldstone, also known as sunstone. It can cleanse and revitalize all chakras and be worn as a protective talisman. It is perfect for the person that needs a little help to deflect negative energies.

Sunstone also helps bring sunshine to the lives of the people that don’t get a lot of sunlight during winter. It will help boost their physical and mental energy. This is why it’s a perfect crystal for this time of year.

December Birthstone Presents

Do you know someone who was born in December? A perfectand useful present can be their birthstone which is believed to vibrate with more power when this time of year arrives. The birthstones for December are tanzanite and turquoise which are very popular because of their shades of blue, but any blue-colored rock is accepted for those born in December.

While all the gemstones and crystals that were highlighted are amazingly beautiful and elegant, remember that what you carry inside is even more beautiful. What you promote, believe in and express to others iswhat we should truly care about during the December holiday season. What do you think?