In our fast-paced lives where we work for six to eight or more hours per day, it is inevitable for us to be exhausted physically and mentally. The signs that we are already tired range from lack of enthusiasm to irritability. Also, we are all susceptible to stress and various ailments once that we are perennially tired. Since the ailments oftentimes lead to serious sicknesses such as cancer, there is a growing awareness on the different techniques that can be used to destress oneself. These oftentimes involve going to the gym, performing yoga or dances, pursuing hobbies, and other approaches. One of the increasingly popular techniques for alleviating stress is meditation.

Meditation, which has strong traditional roots in India, is a practice where one sits down and becomes aware of his or her environment by clearing his or her mind. Also, the practice involves slowing down the breathing until the practitioner achieves the feeling that his or her existence is one with the environment. As a result, the mental activity such as worrying, thinking, and analyzing will stop, thus clearing the mind. Some mistakenly believe that meditation is a practice that must be done in places that are close to nature. Meditation can be done anywhere in any quite place and setting where the practitioner feels comfortable.

There are various ways of meditating. One can perform yoga poses, hum, pray, or just be silent. Also, it can be done anywhere where one can relax his or her mind. A lesser known form of meditation is where one meditates with the aid of gemstones where one can simply sit on an office chair, close his or her eyes and practice a short meditation. Such use of gemstones may be found in ancient scriptures all over the world which recognized the role of gemstones in activating positive energy and removing negative energy that causes sickness, distress, and mental instability. It is believed that particular gemstones can transfer energy to the part of the body that they are in contact with. Further, the particular gemstones are believed to have the ability to absorb the negative energy associated with pain from parts of the body that are experiencing such discomfort. An example of how such gemstones are believed to aid in meditation is found in the use of clear quartz crystal which when placed on one’s temple can help to clear the mind. If the gemstones are accessories such as a clear quartz crystal bracelet, one can simply wear it throughout the meditation period.

According to the Tantrasara in Hindu literature, gemstones are instruments that take in and pass on the energy related to the nine planets. The belief is that these stones absorb negative energy and create healthy energy good for the body and mind. Likewise, they can be worn as a necklace, choker, bracelet or earrings, and they help in creating a favorable environment and calm disposition among people who practice meditation or even those who simply wear them!

Based on Tantrasara, the following are believed to offer positive health benefits to the various body parts aside from helping the psychophysical well-being of people:

  • yellow or white sapphire – flesh

  • cat’s eye – skin

  • coral – blood

  • diamond – blood

  • blue sapphire – hair

  • emerald – marrow

According to ancient Indian beliefs, cold colored stones such as turquoise and amethyst have a calming effect on whoever wears them. Aside from relaxing the mood, these gemstones also result in calming the system thus relieving the body and mind from pain. Having good dreams, as they say, contributes to one’s positive disposition which is as great as meditating!

The amazing benefits of gemstones are recognized in cultures all around the world. For instance, the Greeks believe that amethyst will help one have good dreams while in some Native American practices, moonstone are placed under the pillow to create happy and good dreams that result in a great feeling the next day.

Regardless of whether you are practitioner of meditation or one who desires to ditch candles or sounds of nature, go and grab your favorite stylish moonstone, amethyst, or any cool-colored semi-precious stone gems along with a cool drink and relax while you stay gorgeous. At Mystic Self, you will find the perfect jewelry for your special self!