Valentine’s Day is coming up this week and with it is a very romantic moment to spend with your partner as well as with your friends and family. This day is not only about romantic love, it is also perfect to celebrate the love we feel for those that are close to us.

But, if you happen to be madly in love with someone then perhaps you’re already planning a nice date with your better half and a little present to give him or her. So, this is why I’m going to tell you why gemstones will make a perfect gift on this occasion. They’re not only great to wear as jewelry, but they will also help you have a stable and exciting love life.

Gemstones As A Valentine’s Day Gift

Finding a proper gift is not always easy. Not only do you not want to repeat yourself, but you also want to find something the other person will appreciate and enjoy. A present has value when it gives pleasure to whoever receives it, and of course, I’m pretty sure that’s what you might be aiming for on Valentine’s Day.

You can trust that gemstones will make the perfect present on this very special day, whether it is a precious or semi-precious stone. They have always been related to sophistication and elegance and they are a stylish present among lovers regardless of gender. But underneath their obvious beauty, there are also positive metaphysical properties on giving a gemstone as Valentine’s Day present.

Many believe that gemstones have healing powers which have a positive impact on relationships by creating even stronger bonds between lovers. Gemstones can strengthen fidelity and create wonderful chemistry, so this is why they’re just the perfect present for this romantic day!

Which Gemstones Make the Best Valentine’s Day Present?

If you’ve decided to give your lover a gemstone for Valentine’s Day then which one should you choose? Since this special day is considered as a festival of love and tenderness of the heart, colors such as red and pink are very popular because they represent romance and passion.

So, I’ll begin with Ruby which is a red gemstone that will balance the heart and inspire enthusiasm as well as remove negative energies. Rubies are also famously called “the King of red stones”.

You can also choose the Rose Quartz. Not only does it have the beautiful pale pink color associated with romantic love, but it is a crystal that helps open the heart, inspire self-love and at the same time attracts new love or renews the passion with your current partner.

Then, we have the famous Diamond. Even if it’s neither red nor pink, it is a gemstone known to be given as a present during special moments: It symbolizes fidelity and commitment. It is an expensive jewel which makes it perfect as a gift for a spouse or a longtime partner.

The Diamond has also become one of the most iconic symbols of love because most engagement rings are made from this clear and sparkly rock.

Now, how about Amber? It’s a gem that is not made of minerals but from soil. It consists of a fossilized resin from trees and takes millions of years to grow. This is why it is an excellent symbol of long-lasting love that will help you maintain a long-term relationship.

Moonstone also makes a perfect Valentine’s Day present. It is actually considered to be a fertility crystal because it connects with the woman’s hormones to provide them with balance. There are also mystical powers associated with this crystal and if you are looking to form a family as a couple then the Moonstone will definitely help.

You also have Spinel, another coveted red stone that used to adorn the British Crown. Sometimes they are confused with rubies because of their bright color, but they still make a great present for your valentine.

So, which one is your favorite and what are your plans for this Valentine’s Day?