The FIFA World Cup takes place every four years, and this one is almost over. I’m pretty sure millions of people around the world are already feeling sad that this large sports event is about to end, and we’ll have to wait another four years to root for our favorites, but don’t panic! We still have next weekend to see the final games of England against Belgium for the third and fourth place, and France against Croatia for the championship.

Since we didn’t want to let the moment pass, we decided to collect the gemstones of the World Cup. We searched for those crystals that resemble the final four team’s flags and we’ll tell you a little bit about each one of them.

With no particular order, here are Mystic Self’s gemstones of the World Cup:


As you might already know, France’s flag’s colors are blue, white, and red. So to replicate it, we have chosen Lapis Lazuli, Howlite, and Ruby.

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful rock that can be found in Afghanistan, Chile, and The United States. It is said that it opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra. We have chosen it for France because of its intense blue color.

For France’s white, we chose Howlite which is a calcium borosilicate and it’s often used for cleaning and purification exercises. Its white color aids in the process of mystical illumination and intuition and it opens the mind for receiving wisdom and comprehension.

Finally, we selected Ruby for the beautiful red that France’s flag has. It is a Quartz, symbol for blood and passion, like what the French soccer team showson the field. It also helps find physical and spiritual love by creating harmony with the heart.


We will see this team go against England on Saturday to fight for the third place. The colors of its flag are Black, Yellow, and Red, and we have chosen Tourmaline, Citrine, and Red Jasper to represent them.

Tourmaline is a complex, yet fascinating mineral because of its diverse chemical composition. it has a total of 15 elements and can be found in several colors. One of them is black. Because of the variety of minerals that come together to create Tourmaline, it is considered a powerful crystal that can absorb any negative energy that surrounds us. Perhaps the Belgium team could use it for good luck on the field!

We have chosen Citrine for the color yellow of the Belgium flag. It is a Quartz that helps with motivation, hope, and creates a feeling of joy in life.

And finally, for Belgium’s red color we’ve decided that Red Jasper is the best choice. Revered by many ancient civilizations as sacred and powerful, this stone helps heal the spirit and allows courage and wisdom to arrive.


England is another one of the Russia World Cup finalists and for its flag colors we’ve chosen Red Onyx for the red, and Moonstone for the White.

Onyx was used in England during the XV century as a charm to protect whoever carried it from negative spirits or the evil eye. It is believed that the rock transforms those negative energies and turns them against whoever wished them upon you. I bet the soccer team knows this and will use Black Onyx to dissipate negative energies in the upcoming game!

Moonstoneis known as the fertility crystal and we have chosen it to represent the white color in the English flag. It also helps balance the emotions as well as the physical and mental state. It has a beautiful chatoyancy and it also aids travelers during their journey.


Finally, our fourth team is Croatia! Its flag has three beautiful colors and we’ve chosen Sapphire to represent the blue, Rhodochrosite for the red, and Crystal Quartz for the white. Oh, and remember that the finals are this Sunday when Croatia will face France!

For the red color we have decided that for Croatia, Rhodochrosite was the best choice. It is known as the stone of love and balance and is also considered the Rose of the Incas because it has been found in several items linked to this culture.

For the white color of Croatia’s flag, we selected Crystal Quartz. It is a powerful stone that has a very high vibrational energy that helps many emotional and physical treatments. That is why it is known as the Universal Healer!

And finally, for the blue, Sapphire is our selection. This is also a Quartz and it is linked to wisdom, truth, trust, and intuition. One can use it for meditation and it helps overcome diseases such as asthma, skin conditions, and neurosis.

By the way, who do you think will win? Please leave your comment below!