As the warm, hot summer begins to make way for the cool winds of fall, it’s possible that you, a friend or a relative could also be preparing for an important transition – the transition to motherhood. Studies have discovered that the period between August and October is the most common part of the year for babies to be born, meaning that there are women all around the world approaching one of the most amazing and important moments of their lives. As any woman will tell you, feeling nervous or uncertain about the future is a completely normal and natural part of pregnancy, however there are some things that a new mother can do to ease her nerves as she prepares to welcome her child into the world. Throughout history, women from all walks of life have relied on the positive and comforting energies of Mother Nature, turning to gemstones during their pregnancies and labour in order to benefit from the spiritual benefits that they can provide. In fact, different stones have been known to help women to deal with a wide range of pregnancy-related issues, from insomnia and self-doubt to the healing process that occurs after delivery.

A woman approaching her due date can face any number of issues, worries, or discomforts, such as difficulties sleeping or even feeling that there’s still far too much left to do before the baby is born. These problems often threaten to cast a shadow over what should be one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life, but with the help of nature’s supporting energies, it is possible to overcome them. Take, for example, the Moonstone – a much loved stone for many women, this beautiful gem is said to possess the ability to help a woman to discover and connect with her inner goddess, granting her the confidence and self-belief to make it through any challenges that may come her way. Then there’s the Ametrine, which is a popular choice for pregnant women due to its soothing and calming capabilities (perfect for any woman who may be anxious about her first childbirth experience). Placing a Selenite under your pillow at night is believed to ease any discomforts that may be keeping you awake, and it is also a popular choice for keeping in the nursery of a newborn child to aid them in achieving a good sleep – vital for their growth and development! Additionally, it is said that keeping a Lepidolite nearby during your transition to motherhood will provide a reassuring energy that keeps any last minute worries at bay. The most recommended gem for pregnant women, however, has to be a Rose Quartz. Known as a stone of the heart, the Rose Quartz has long been considered a stone of tenderness, and has been used to symbolise love since as early as 600.B.C. This beautiful gemstone is said to promote a strong bond between a mother and her unborn child, and it is thought that keeping a Rose Quartz near a child will help them to feel their mother’s love, even when she is not around. As an added bonus, many women swear that storing a baby’s milk or food near to this stone will help them to develop good and healthy eating habits from a young age!

Of course, labour and childbirth comes with its own difficulties and challenges. Persian and Indian women once believed that placing a Black Onyx on the stomach of a pregnant woman during labour would lead to a fast delivery, as well as providing her with the strength and stamina she needs to have a safe and happy experience. Many women use a gemstone called Amazonite to relieve cramps and spasms, making it a good choice for childbirth - as an added bonus, it is also known to help fight exhaustion! Another popular choice is the Malachite, known as the ‘midwives stone’ and said to be a favourite of Norse, Roman and even Egyptian Goddesses. In the middle ages, Malachite was placed near the crib of a newborn infant to protect them against bad energy, as well as being placed near women in order to harmonise with her energy and lessen any pain she was experiencing. Other great stones to keep nearby during labour include the Smoky Quartz, which aids in the healing of a woman’s lower torso, and the Garnet, which encourages the body’s natural ability to heal and repair itself after childbirth, as well as providing a woman with the confidence she needs to believe in herself and her natural strength.

If you decide to do some more research into which gemstones different women have relied on during pregnancy, you will find a wide range of responses, such as Unakite to promote the health of a newborn child or White Agate, which aids in the production of a healthy milk supply. What stones work for one woman may not always work for another, but the gemstones discussed in this article are without a doubt the most commonly suggested for new mothers. The benefit of this is that their popularity makes them all quite easy to locate – a quick search online reveals a seemingly endless selection of gemstone jewellery and collections designed for pregnant women, meaning that there is undoubtedly something available to match every budget. Gemstones make a fantastic and meaningful gift for friends and loved ones who are expecting their very own bundle of joy, and their natural beauty means that they can be used and worn as a stunning addition to an outfit at any point in a woman’s life. Additionally, every stone is believed to possess more than one spiritual capability, meaning that their powers can be of benefit long after childbirth – a great example being Amazonite, which can help the wearer to think clearly during traumatic or difficult times, as well as its previously-mentioned abilities regarding spasms and exhaustion! If you’re considering purchasing a present for a mother-to-be, or even treating yourself before your own baby arrives, then what could be better than a gemstone, nature’s very own gift that keeps on giving?