For many people around the world, October 31st marks Halloween, the scariest and spookiest night of the year. Thought to have pagan origins, Halloween in modern times has become an occasion for dressing up, carving pumpkins and telling ghost stories. Yet while many view the day as a time for care-free fun and scary movies, for some people the frightening experiences and negative energies aren’t confined to just a single day.

Perhaps there’s a negative energy in your house that you can’t seem to get rid of, certain people are making you feel uncomfortable, or things just never seem to go right for you. Whatever the situation, if something is constantly bringing you down then it’s time to take action and introduce more positivity into your life. One natural and simple way to start controlling the energy around you is through the use of gemstones. Gemstones have been used for thousands of years to correct energies, provide protection and generate positive experiences and emotions, making them the perfect solution for someone who feels like they need a bit of help defeating whatever it is that is keeping them down.

One stone that may be helpful is an Amethyst. Amethysts are considered ‘psychic’ stoneswith the ability to balance and calm spiritual and emotional energies. If you feel that there is a negative force or energy imbalance in your homethen placing an amethyst in the corners of your house will help to create harmony and protect both the house and the people inside it from negativity.

If another person, such as a colleague or neighbour, has caused your problems then aFluorite could be the answer. Fluorite is a protective stone, acting as a shield againstnegative energies. Additionally, this gem will help you to see things clearlywhich will allow you to deal with difficult people and situations without being blinded by your own emotions. Producing supportive andcalming vibrations, a Fluorite in your pocket will give you all the strength you need to stand up for yourself or cut negative people out of your life.

If you just feel as though there’s always a raincloud above your headthen a great recommendation is a Citrine. This beautiful stone is often considered to contain the bright, positive energy of the sun, and will give your mood a much-needed boost. If you want to be happier and attract more positive opportunities and experiencesthen this is the perfect gemstone for you and, as an added bonus, the Citrine is known to present its wearer with chances to increase their finances and experience success at work – an unexpected promotion is sure to put you in a good mood!

If there’s a negative energy getting you downthen don’t despair. Throughout history, gemstones have been used to help solve problems just like yours, boosting moods, providing strength and banishing bad vibrations. Once you’ve decided which gemstone will benefit you the most, it’s up to you whether you want to wear the stone in a piece of jewellery, slip it into your pocket or place it somewhere that you spend a lot of timesuch as in your home or on your desk at work. Allow the natural positive vibrations of your chosen gemstone to surround and support you and soon the only negative energies you’ll come across will be in the scary movies you watch on Halloween night.

Image Source: Eric Kilby - Bumpy Pumpkin with Eyelashes, CC BY-SA 2.0