Homeopathy awakens different reactions in people: some believe in itwhile others don’t. It is classified as “alternative medicine”, but every day it’s increasingly becoming accepted in the conventional medical world due to its benefits.

Homeopathy was created by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann who didn’t feel that the best way to treat his patients was by analyzing the person’s parts and organs separately. This is why he decided that he wanted to treat them in an integrative way that addresses every symptom, whether it is physical, psychological or emotional.

This type of treatment includes substances that the patient can take as well as a combination of other alternative therapies such as acupuncture, meditation, hypnotherapy, ayurveda, and gem therapy, to name a few.

Alternative Therapies in Animals

Many of us have one or more furry friends at home and they also get sick every now and then just like we do. Homeopathy, as well as other alternative therapies, can help them just as they can help humans feel better and heal.

Homeopathy treatment for animals also began with Hahnemann when he decided to treat his own horse. Many people who decide to treat their pets with homeopathy or other alternative therapies usually do sowhen conventional medicine has not worked for treating their pets or they have experienced positive results for their own illness or condition.

Gem therapies for animals are used to improve their health, treat behavior issues and anxiety, and balance their energy.

Gem therapies consist of using crystals on the body to unblock chakras. It is recommended on old animals,as well as very nervous ones since it is not invasive, doesn’t generate pain or discomfort, and can be done at home.

This alternative therapy acts on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels because the crystals work with vibrations, which are unique to each one of them.When the rock enters in contact with the patient’s body, it balances its enery and transforms it.

Working with Chakras

To be able to perform a successful gem therapy session, it is necessary to know the location of the animal’s chakras and the organs each one controls. Cats and dogs have seven chakras distributed throughout their bodies just like humans do.

You can use these following crystals for gem therapies by placing them on your pet’s chakras or near them.

    • Amethyst: It’s a wild card because it can be used for anything, such as pain, disorientation, injuries and problems near the area of the head. It also helps calm nerves and cheers up lazy pets. It transforms the negative energy the pet has received.

    • Calcite: This rock is excellent for anything related to your pet’s skeletal structure.

    • Coral: It helps the correct functioning of the kidneys and bladder.

    • Carnelian: This crystal helps problems with the skin and it is very effective with shy and nervous dogs.

    • Smoked Quartz: This gem helps the nervous system, swellings, fears, anxieties, and protects your pet from negative energies. Also, when there are several pets at home and they have “disputes”, this quartz can help very much.

    • Crystal Quartz: As usual, the greatest healer of all is the crystal quartz. It protects your pet from negative energies at home, strengthens its immune system and improves its health in general.

  • Pink Quartz: Ideal for wounds, fractures, and reducing stress. It also works with animals that have suffered from abuse.

  • Fluorite: It can be used for bone, breathing, blood, and digestive issues.

  • Garnet: Very useful for problems with the reproductive system.

  • Black Onyx: It’s very effective to prevent parasites such as fleas and ticks. It also helps intestines.

  • Turquoise: This crystal is another wild card that can be used for anything and also brings protection.

How do you know if things are not going well and whether you should try a new therapyor stone?Your pet’s behavior and reactions will reveal how your pet is faring. Also, if you feel a connection with your furry friend, you will know or have an idea of what it needs.

And the best indicator that everything is going in the right direction is that you can effectively see your pet’s health and quality of life improving.

Keep Your Pet Protected At All Times

Gems can also help in prevention of problems and eliminate the need for treatment.For example, if your cat or dog wears a collar, you can hang a little Amethyst or Clear Quartz so that they are protected at all times. What stones you wear, such as in the form of your favorite gemstone bracelet or necklace can also have a positive impact on your pet and send all those negatives far away.