Red, yellow, orange, pink, green, blue, purple! The arrival of spring is celebrated in India with one of the most scenic and cheerful festivals in the world. It’s Holi, the Festival of Colors, Spring and Love. This event is so loved that is spreading over the world year after year!

It embodies the desire to do and to live, to go out and see friends, to meet the people you care for and to celebrate love! It is the fresh energy of new beginnings, the joyful enthusiasm of youth, the beauty of white clothes that are dyed with all the colors of a crazy and happy carnival.


The festival also propitiates a good harvest season, helping people to sweep away the slowness of winter and to welcome the new energy of the sun.

Traditionally set up after the full moon of March, this year Holi will take place on the 10th March.

During the eve’s night, called Holika Dahan, people lit up massive bonfires and perform rituals to burn away the winter and the evil spirits. It is an important moment of inner and outer renewal and purification. The next morning is celebrated as Rangwali Holi: colors and music invade the streets, parks, and buildings, while people smear each other’s face with powdered colors, water guns, and water-filled balloons. Drums groups move from place to place, singing and dancing. Spring colors blow up!


Holi is also the festival of romantic love. According to the legend, Krishna developed his characteristic dark skin color because he was poisoned as a baby from the breast milk of a demon. For this reason, when he was young and in love with Radha, he despaired whether she would like him because of his dark complexion. His mother, tired of his desperation, told him to approach the fair-skinned Radha and ask her to color his face in any color she wanted. So he did and Radha and Krishna became a couple. Ever since lovers long to apply color on their beloveds face and express their affection for each other, in commemoration of the divine couple.


Forgive, forget and repair broken relationships. As Holi invites us to move forward from the cold winter, during this period debts are paid or forgiven. People visit family, friends, and foes to throw colored powders on each other, spend a happy time together and share Holi delicacies. The entire festival is an invitation to let go, to get rid of what no longer fits us or weigh us down, and embrace with a clean heart what the new harvest symbolically has to bring us. And with the heart of a child, with the skin and the clothes colored, no difference matters during Holi: age or gender, social status, friends or strangers, it is a celebration that mixes up in its rich tradition of colors every class and recognizes all of us as equals. It’s a new start.


In spring each tree and plant wears its best dress, and nature is a riot of bright colors and scents that inspire the senses. What could be better than the first sunny days to play with fashion and add a few extra touches of color in your outfit? If you are looking for some fresh ideas, take inspiration from the beautiful gemstones of Mystic Self and explore our universe of colors! Which color attracts you the most right now or better express your mood? Do you prefer the surprising multiple shades of agate

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A new dress, a fresh haircut, a different accessory, new intentions and projects.  Even if you are too far away to celebrate Holi in India or any other place in the world where people join to do it, you can still follow the spirit of the holiday in your life and celebrate the arrival of spring enjoying outdoor activities with your beloved.