Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and there’s no time like the present when it comes to planning gifts and celebrations to treat your mom this year. Since the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic we have all been made extra aware of just how precious our loved ones are, and how important it is that we show our appreciation for them when we can. Well, Mothers Day is your annual excuse to do exactly that. Our moms support us through thick and thin, and now it’s time to repay the favor with these thoughtful suggestions on how you can treat  her this 9th May. 


A Day Of Mom Time

Few things are as special as quality time with your mom. Whether it’s rummaging around the mall and window shopping or heading out for an iced coffee and yummy meal, what really matters is that one-on-one time with your mom (and siblings, if you have them!). Not to mention that now we’re over a year into the pandemic, quality time has been on short supply for many of us.  Provided that you can do so safely, now is the ideal time to carve out an entire day and spend it doing things your mom loves. You could organize a picnic in the park and bring all her favorite foods, drive her out to her favorite destination and hold an impromptu photo shoot. If distance or safety is  a concern, why not hold a quiz with a twist over a video call with the questions centered around her favorite movies, music, and activities! Truly, the possibilities are endless - the important thing is that you make it fun and enjoy the time together.


A ‘Just For You’ Scrapbook

In our digital age, is there anything sweeter than something you can physically hold in your hand? Why not take that idea one step further with a personalized scrapbook made just for your mom. The key difference between a photo book and a scrapbook is the addition of not just photos but other pieces of memorabilia from past trips and special occasions. So, gather up your old photographs, dig out tickets from your favorite vacations, get some dried versions of your mom’s favorite flowers and put them all together to create a visual memory bank your mom can revisit whenever she’s feeling nostalgic. What we love about this idea is that extra special touch of old tickets, postcards and other trinkets to add texture and uniqueness to this very special gift.


Personalized Gifts For A Very Special Mom

We all like receiving something indulgent and pretty, whether that be new clothes, jewelry or cosmetics - still, it is sometimes a challenge to make these things seem thoughtful and personal. After all, how much uniqueness can you bring to a new dress or tube of lipstick? Well, worry not, with gemstone jewelry you can have the best of both worlds. Not only are gemstones super gorgeous and stylish - with the right knowledge you can add a personal dimension to the pieces you pick out so your mom knows just how much you love and appreciate her. Whether you go for a gem that matches your mom’s birthstone, pick out a set in her favorite color, or use the associated qualities of the various gemstones to find one that suits her personality, there are so many ways to make a new set of earrings, necklace and bracelet seem extra special when you go for the gemstone variety.


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