Christmas is almost here and I’m sure you can already feel it in the atmosphere. After Christmas then comes the New Year, and with it the new plans and hopes we always have when the year that has just passed comes to an end and we get a fresh start.

Nevertheless, despite being a time for love and sharing with family and friends, it can also be a very stressful period.

Things like spending a lot of money on gifts, shopping sprees, preparing special meals, getting together with family and people you probably haven’t seen in a long time and a lot more can create considerable stress for you.

The idea is to prepare for this season properly by detoxing yourself and your environment for not only what you are about to live and go through, but for the new year that is right around the corner. This way, if it happens to get stressful, you’ll have the tools you need to feel centered again.

Do A Burning Ritual

The first thing you can do this Christmas season is a burning ritual. This will symbolically honor all of the moments you lived this year regardless of whether they were positive or not.

When you burn something, you can get a feeling of letting go. For this purpose, you can use a fireplace or even a candle at home.

To do the burning ritual, simply write all of your important experiences you had this year both positive and negative, on a piece of paper, and let it burn.

Candles symbolize light and illumination. This is why some in some religions candles are lit during this period because they also relate to the human spirit. Such candle lighting practices have been a part of Christmas for centuries!

One tradition that dates back to colonial times that many continue to practice consists of placing a candle in your window. It symbolizes the welcoming good vibes, positive people and a new year.

Incense Rituals

Incense, scents, aromas and fragrances have been used for centuries for evoking various feelings in people. They can help you relax, sleep, concentrate and even serve as an aphrodisiac!

Incense, for instance, can help detox the environment by purifying the air. It will also help you relieve stress and anxiety by reducing body activities such as your heart rate and breathing. This is why it is commonly used in meditation.

Burn an incense stick before and after you receive people in your home to balance the energies they will bring and also the ones they will receive from your personal space.

You can also do it every morning when you wake up so that you can have a fresh and pure start for your day.

Meditation And Visualization

Christmas time and the arrival of a new calendar year present the perfect opportunities for reviewing the time that has recently passed and for organizing the ideas around what we expect and want from the coming year.

Incense can help create the proper atmosphere as you relax by observing your breathing and letting each thought that comes to your mind pass.

Visualize what you want for the next year: Are you looking to attract new love? Do you want more wealth? Would you like to change careers?

Whatever your intention is, think about it and visualize yourself already in that desired situation and hold it in your heart. To use crystals to enhance your experience, keep on reading to know which are the best.

Do this ritual as many times as you wish, but it will feel very special on New Year’s Eve.

Don’t Forget To Cleanse Your Aura

Another important and useful ritual for this period is for you to cleanse your aura. When we get closer to the end of the year, we can feel a little exhausted from work, family, holiday shopping and other situations in our lives.This energy which accumulates in the body and can get stuck in our auras, can be cleansed with the assistance of incense.

You can also make your own smudge ritual for cleansing your aura with dried white sage and other herbs. In Feng Shui, we situate ourselves facing east in the room at our home that is furthest to the east,the direction from which the sun rises.

Burn your incense or herbs and fan them towards your body from the floor to over your head from front to back. You can also fan them in a clockwise direction while making circles.

How To Stay Centered During The Holidays

After you have done one, some or all of these rituals, it is very important for you to stay centered. Crystals can help you stay centered.

The Turkish eye, also known as Nazar, is a trinket with the shape of a flat drop with the figure of an eye. It is believed to have protective attributes and is widely used as a talisman or amulet against the evil eye and bad energies.

You can set your Nazar above your door at home or carry it with you in a form of jewelry.

As for the crystals we suggest for protection during this period, you can also use the following:

Chrysocolla:This crystal dissipates conflict and encourages communication.

Clear Quartz: It can be used for many purposes like cleansing, clearing confusion and for centering the mind.

Fluorite: This crystal can also help in cleansing and purifying the mind and soul.

Selenite: This rock can absorb negative energies and dissolve them.

Smoky Quartz: This quartz banishes negativity that surrounds you.

Remember to cleanse your crystals before using or placing them around your house.