Our blog articles often explain how crystals can help improve the various aspects of your life and relationships are one of the most important areas that we will once again cover.

Since February is known as a month where everything is about love and friendship, Iwill highlight which crystals can help you amend and improve relationships that matter to you.

For this purpose, I will propose three ways you can boost your relationships with the help of crystals:

1.Love Grid: A crystal grid will not only guide you as you try to find love, but it will help any relationship you have by energizing a purpose. Since we have discussed love grids before, I suggest you just simply check out our previous post on this topic.

2.Let RhodoniteHelp You: This crystal brings confidence to those who wear or use it. It also helps express physical love for others in your everyday life. Write on a piece of paper the kind of relationship you want to maintain. Then, fold the paper and place a rhodonite on top of it.

3.“DecorateYour Bedroom”: Don’t take this literally because it is really making the suggestion that you place love crystals in your bedroom to spice up the mood with your partner and create an air of harmony and love. You can use any of the crystals we will suggest below and place them near your bed or anywhere in the room.

Special Crystals For Relationships

We mentioned rhodonite, but did you know that rose quartz is the best stone for things that have to do with love? It is also very helpful for jealousy issues and for increasing self-love. If this is something you want to work on then wear a rose quartz necklace!

But what about enhancing your sex life? Yes, crystals can help with this too especially carnelian which is a crystal that will increase your libido. This stone heats the emotions, increases passion, sexuality, physical energy and the reproductive system.

Ruby will also be your best friend if you want to spice things up. If you’re a woman, place a ruby inside your bra.

Nevertheless, money can also be another factor which causes problems between couples or in any relationship. For this, you can use pyrite to help you work on the issues with your partner, family, or whoever is involved in the situation.

Do you get into experience too many arguments or have problems in communicating? You can cleanse the negative energy with black tourmaline to propitiate a fresh start. This crystal will absorb those negative energies. It is also important to note that you will need to cleanse the gemstone at least every two days.

For improving communication, any blue crystal will do the work. If you feel like you aren’t being heard and that your conversations aren’t going well, find yourself a nice blue stone like lapis lazuli for example.

For dealing with infidelity, topaz will help you with forgiveness and deepen your empathy for those who surround you. To prevent adultery, jade is the perfect stone for you.

Emerald is also a great gem for relationships; no wonder why it’s called the “Stone of Successful Love”. It will open the heart and add patience, unity and compassion to your relationship. It also promotes friendship, loyalty and passion.

Finally, if you are still looking for your soul mate, you need rhodochrosite in your life (especially in your handbag which we sell at Mystic Self). Many believe this crystal will help you bewitch the heart of anyone you set your eyes on.

You can also create grids with these crystals or a combination of them depending on what your purpose is.

Are you willing to try it?