Most people find it difficult to say “I love you” on normal days; the only time we can truly express this phrase is during special occasions or when pressed to do so. February is such a special month for the majority because one of the most celebrated days of the year is within February - the 14th, Valentine’s Day.

But why do we have to wait for Valentine’s Day to say “I love you” when we can do it all year round? Every “I love you” that you say can brighten up someone else’s day, inspire, encourage, make them feel beautiful, valued and cared for.

This said, you can always give your loved ones the perfect gift anytime you want. You can give them cards, flowers, chocolates; bring them to dinner or a sweet escapade - but a gift that will last for years will let them feel the warmth of your “I love you” over and over again. One of the best gifts that can genuinely say “I love you” everytime is gemstone jewelry.

It doesn’t matter if you’re giving it to your mom, your sister, maybe a new sweetheart, the woman you’re about marry or your beloved wife; every piece of gemstone jewelry speaks the language of love; and different gemstones have powerful properties to deliver the sweetest message.

If you’re considering giving a gemstone jewelry to a loved one, here are some gemstones that will help you say “I love you” loud and clear!

Lapis Lazuli

A gemstone predominantly found in India, Lapis Lazuli is also known as ‘Lajvarat’. It is a blue-colored gemstone popular for being one of the most powerful love stones. It brings about harmony and peace within a relationship; it deepens and enhances love and strengthens fidelity.

If you carry this precious gemstone with you, you’ll be filled with the abundance and power of love. You will be showered with affection, warmth, and devotion. Lapis Lazuli is also a very spiritual stone, enabling you to overcome timidity, promoting internal harmony, and allowing you to win the affection of others.

Likewise, if you give this to someone special, they will also experience the wonderful feeling of love and romance.

Rose Quartz

An infamous love stone, Rose Quartz symbolizes unconditional love. That said, if you give this as a gift, it will calm the energy of the receiver, provide a sense of peace, and encourage sensitivity and compassion. This gemstone is also known to build trust; all of these attributes are essential with the process of falling in love.

If you’ve never been in love in your life, carrying a Rose Quartz with you will help you open all possibilities. This gemstone attracts love, nurtures new love and fortifies existing love. A Rose Quartz gemstone will help you open your heart and encourage a healthy loving relationship in your life.

Pink Sapphire

Otherwise known as ‘Pokhraj’ in India, Pink Sapphire is a gemstone that represents new love, faithfulness and commitment. Giving this stone to someone you love builds up your bond and promotes harmony within your relationship.

Pink Sapphire is also commonly used to pledge love. It encourages trust among lovers, expressing enduring and genuine love that will last a lifetime. For this reason, pink sapphires are usually the choice for many when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands.


Moonstone, also called Chandra Mani, is famous for being the stone of romance. The name of the moonstone itself exudes romance and passion. In ancient times, many natives believed that it actually attracts moonlight; in some other parts of the world, there is a strong belief that Moonstones come from real moonbeams.

Moonstones are highly regarded in India; they can only be displayed with a yellow silk cloth. They are considered as sacred gemstones, one with the highest rank when it comes to love stones because they can arouse inner desire and passion and even predict the fortune of a relationship between lovers.


Garnet is one of the oldest gemstones in the world. It is often likened to a pomegranate because of its bright red appearance. With its fiery color, Garnet symbolizes passion, desire, romance, and love. People still know this gemstone as a gift of love because it is usually given during the 2nd anniversary of a marriage.

It is generally a gemstone for married couples as it deepens marital love, intimacy, and sensual exploration. Garnet also promises devotion, loyalty, monogamy, true love, and overall, a stable married life.


Amethyst is one of the most beautiful and valuable precious stones in history. In ancient times, the value of Amethyst was as high as Diamonds. A traditional birthstone of February, Amethyst is also known as St. Valentine’s stone, symbolizing unwavering and faithful love.

St. Valentine, a highly revered figure in history, was said to wear an Amethyst ring with an engraved figure of cupid. Amethyst has since been referred to as the ‘couple’s stone’, or the stone of faithful lovers because it gives meaning to relationships and establishes a more soulful and deeper kind of communion. Anyone who carries this gemstone around will find that one true love.


One of the perfect representations of love, Ruby is a luminous, red-colored gemstone that symbolizes romantic love, passion, devotion, and self-love. Throughout history, Ruby was considered as the stone of the nobility, named as the queen of stones and the stone of kings, it was highly used as embellishments in crowns and tiaras. Anyone who wore a Ruby gemstone was highly respected in society for wearing the most magnificent gem of all gems. According to stories, the Great Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan was offered a whole city in exchange for a small piece of Ruby.

Ruby has always been closely connected to romantic love; it is also considered an aphrodisiac. It enables you to feel all kinds of love; it also helps you deepen and strengthen your relationship, nurture courtly love, and restore and maintain sensual desire.


Based on Indian mythology, the Sanskrit name for Emerald is ‘marakata’, which means the green of growing things. Emerald, which is considered one of the most prized gemstones in history, was valued more than Diamonds.

Emerald is associated with the Greek goddess Venus, known as the goddess of love and beauty. It is called the stone of new love and has mystical powers, which include protecting lovers from unfaithfulness. This gemstone brings balance to perfect love and perfect trust.


Mystic Self inspires you to express your love by giving the love of your life the perfect gemstone jewelry gift. Tell her how much you love her in the way that best fits your love.

Gemstone jewelry is not only meaningful, but it also adds sentimental valuethat will be remembered for a long time. A beautiful piece that will create stories - fond, sweet, and indelible memories that will live forever.