Jade is a stone that has been used in the manufacturing of ornaments and accessories for more than 5,000 years. From ancient times to now, there are cultures which believe that jade brings good luck.

This mineral is widely used by jewelers because of its high resistance and hardness. It was also used for making weapons, armors and among the Mayas, it was even used to create masks.

The Mayas associated jade with fertility, abundance and water and it was one of the stones they appreciated the most because of its green color.

According to some scholars, jade had even greater value than gold to the Mayas because its hardness allowed objects made with it to be durable and long-lasting. This is another reason why jade was associated with eternity and immortality. It is therefore not surprising that it was used for therapeutic purposes and believed to possess healing properties.

What Are Jade’s Properties?

Some of the properties associated with jade are the ability to balance the body and mind and promote relaxation. It is linked to the 4th chakra which is related to the heart and is beneficial for emotional health.

Similar to other crystals, jade also helps eliminate negative energies as well as it enhances concentration and can be used during meditation.

It can also help attract love and help achieve calmness, serenity and peace.

The Mayas also believed that jade enhanced fertility and helped with the labor in addition to being useful for treating renal problems and improving the immune system.

A Very Relaxing Jade Massage

Massages with jade stones are believed to help relieve spinal problems especially for those who long hours sitting in one position and develop poor posture.

This jade massage technique is designed to improve the nervous and immune systems and the most common one consists of hot jade stones being placed on the back or a jade roller that can be used anywhere on the body.

There are also special jade massage beds that have crystals incorporated into them which can rotate and slide to give the person a very pleasant massage..

In addition to being very relaxing, it has the therapeutic benefit aligning the spine and alleviating stress in the muscles which results in a faster recovery.

If used on the legs, it can help alleviate varicose veins and cellulitis since it works like a lymphatic drainage by removing adiposities in a natural way and increments blood flow.

There is also the jade roller, as I previously mentioned, which is very popular since ancient times in China where women claimed that it helped them smoothen their facial skin.

Types Of Jade Rocks

While Jade is well known as a green gemstone, it can also exist in other shades such as the following:

⦁ Blue-green Jade: Symbolizes peace and reflection and grants patience and inner serenity.

⦁ Brown Jade: Helps ground processes and connects you with the Earth.

⦁ Lavender Jade: Alleviates emotional pain and trauma by granting inner peace.

⦁ Orange Jade: This stone is very energetic and stimulating and gives joy to whoever has it.

⦁ Red Jade: This crystal is associated with love and loosing tension.

⦁ White Jade: Filters distractions and directs energy in a constructive way. It also helps with making good decisions.

⦁ Yellow Jade: Very energetic and stimulating and grants happiness and joy.

Nevertheless, since jade is a very popular gem, people with bad intentions might try to sell you something that deceptively appears as jade. Serpentine, for instance, is a stone that can be confused with jade and is used by scammers to trick people.

The difference between jade and serpentine is that this one is less hard and less resistant to other elements and to scratching.

Fun Facts About Jade

Jade in Latin is "lapis nephriticus" which means stone of the kidney because it was considered effective for the relief of kidney ailments.

The most important jade deposits are found in Guatemala and Myanmar. While natural reserves of jade also exist in Switzerland, Russia and the United States, these countries do not find extracting it to be profitable. Most interestingly, although Japan also has reserves of jade, they consider it a sacred stone which should not be exploited.

The main merchants of imperial jade are the Chinese, who go to largest jade market in the world located in Mandalay situated just north of Myanmar to buy and sell jade stones.

For the Mayas, it took years to work and cut jade stones which they did with patience and intricate detail with some of their creations being dedicated to their gods. The Mayas also linked jade with the origin of the universe based on their belief that when the corn god created the universe, he added three pieces of jade.

Today, jade’s value is only surpassed by the diamond since it’s considered a precious rock found in only a few places around the world.