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Make your June even sunnier with these 5 mindfulness techniques

Mindfulness has exploded onto the health and wellness scene over the last few years. From the publication of Eckhart Tolle’s famous book, The Power of Now, to an influx of apps offering guided meditation, it’s clear this ancient spiritual philosophy is undergoing a modern revival. While the world has succumbed to many hardships in recent months, there is plenty we can do on a personal level to boost our appreciation for the beautiful world around us. Here are 5 ways you can be more mindful, happy, and fulfilled this June.

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Celebrating Spring with the Legend of Persephone

Spring is a season swathed in myth and legend, from the earliest years of human existence, stories have been told to narrativize the earth’s natural cycle of life. Spring first stirs in March and stretches into late June. The sun’s rays open sealed flower buds and draw blossom from bare tree branches. From lambs to chicks, all manner of small creatures are born into a world waking up.

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What The Egg!

Easter is coming and chocolate eggs are definitely the most classic present we give each other on this occasion. A crunchy and gluttonous shell that encloses an unexpected surprise! So why not personalize the surprise with a precious gift for a loved one?

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Flourishing Hope

Between the end of March and the beginning of April, cherry blossoming reaches its peak. It is a breathtaking sight: hundreds of trees bloom together, wearing themselves with a cloud of pale corollas. An ethereal veil of rare beauty destined to last only for a few days and then fall to the ground in a lovely pinkish-white rain.

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Fashion Color Trend

Every year I can't wait to take the winter greyness off my back by wearing something shiny and colorful. And shop windows become full of temptation when you're hungry for color. Why not take a look at the fashion trend of the new season and find out what will look best on you? I've already peeked and there's something for everyone! A little spoiler? Orange will rule in all its shades!

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Caragh's Bio

Caragh Medlicott is a freelance writer from Cardiff, UK. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and first-class honors in English Literature from Cardiff University, where she also completed a Master’s degree in Creative Writing. Caragh has a longstanding fascination for the art of storytelling; a lover of mythology, folklore and legend, she believes stories are the lifeblood of humanity. Like gemstones, these stories are deeply connected with the earth – she hopes you will join her in exploring the tales and myths which connect us in innumerable ways.

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Evil Eye Jewellery Across the World

Evil eye symbolism is seen throughout various cultures and religions. It's the idea of a talisman warding off negative energy, preventing bad things, and breaking curses.


So what exactly does the evil eye jewellery mean and what kind of things does it ward off? As someone unfamiliar with the philosophy, I wanted to explore a little deeper and understand what evil eye jewellery is all about.

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