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Step Into Fall:  Welcome The Season With These Gorgeous Gemstones

It is easy to feel forlorn about the passing of summer - no more BBQs, long sun-drenched days, or picnics in the sunshine - but there’s plenty to look forward to in the fall season too. While the clouds start to gather and the wind begins to stir, the green summer leaves turn rusty and golden, floating gently down from their branches to create an autumnal carpet on the sidewalk.

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Caring For Your Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry is precious to people all around the world and has been so throughout history. While it’s important to take care of all your jewelry, the gemstone variety, in particular, takes extra care and attention. After all, these gemstones come with their own particular meanings and your favorite  pieces often become even more valued over time.

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How Gemstones Form & The History of Peridot

As you know, Mystic Self offers a wide range of beautiful and unique gemstones including the mesmerizing olive-green peridot. From necklaces to bracelets to earrings and more, we believe that these gorgeous gems are as glamorous as they are timeless. What you might not know, however, is how exactly gemstones are formed. Most gemstones spend a lot of time beneath the earth before they are excavated and cut into the lovely shapes that can be adorned and worn as jewelry.

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A Word With Many Meanings:  What is Spirituality? 

If you asked a person to describe a particular religion, they could probably give you a few pointers relating to that specific belief system. Religion is built around core ideas and values - as such, most come with their own set of rules and guidelines on how to live a holy and honest life. 

These days we’re seeing the word ‘spirituality’ crop up more and more in place of traditional religious beliefs. People may even opt to use this word to describe their own world view. It’s a broad term that’s used in many different ways - but does it have a concrete meaning, or is it changeable depending on the context? Read on to find out more. 

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Medusa Reimagined:  Retelling Of The Classic Tale

Many of us have heard the legend of Medusa and Perseus, the snake-haired monster who was slain by the iconic Greek hero… but there’s another side to this particular tale. Check out Mystic Self’s retelling of Ovid’s classic story, told from the perspective of Medusa (and look out for reference to your favorite gemstones along the way!):

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Do Gemstones Have Healing Powers?
It’s a question that would have once brought skeptical looks and scathing remarks, but these days there is a growing interest in gemstones and their apparent healing powers. The theory has become more popular of late, with many celebrities endorsing the power of gemstones; big stars like Kate Hudson, Adele and Katy Perry all believe that gemstones draw certain energies.
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The Stories Behind Your Favorite Gemstones

In 2020, it may seem that there is little to connect us to the ancient world. We live in a time without mystery - the maps are all filled in, our technology is at its pinnacle and even traveling to the moon is old-hat by this point. But there is still one form that connects all of humanity, regardless of century. It is a universal love, one which is present in every life, whether you were born twenty years ago or twenty thousand years ago. And that form is stories.

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Uncovering the power of nature -  Three reasons to explore the great outdoors

Sometimes it can be easy to forget the power of the natural world that surrounds us. We get caught up in the surface level of life; the nitty-gritty of the everyday. Walking down the road we notice only the flat surface of the sidewalk or the rush of the cars driving next to us. Even for those living in the countryside, the beauty of the surrounding area is sometimes inevitably taken for granted. But nature is everywhere if you look for it.

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