Every crystal oscillates vibrational frequencies and the moonstone is also one of them. It is a crystal known to help fertility and pregnancy. Referred to as a “woman’s healing stone”, it helps balance hormones and female cycles.

Moonstone is a Feldspar mineral and it occurs in shades of peach, blue, gray, white and in a prismatic variety called Rainbow Moonstone.

In Hindu mythology, Moonstones are believed to be made of solidified moonbeams. Other cultures also associate this gem with the moon and it is often thought that it provides protection for travelers (I’ll tell you more in a bit).

The name Moonstone also comes from the natural visual effect the geological structure of the crystal creates. When looking at this gem, you feel like somehow it lights up inside. This is called adularescence (also commonly referred to as schiller or shiller or chatoyancy) which visually resembles scattered moonlight on water. It is best described as a milky, bluish luster or glow originating from below the surface of the gemstone.

Since Moonstone is considered the stone of love and eroticism, it is the ultimate fertility crystal. It helps stimulate the kundalini energy which is a form of primal energy located at the base of the spine. It also turns on the carnal desires, so if you and your partner are looking to get pregnant, this rock is great to have around.

During lovemaking, you can wear a Moonstone necklace or bracelet or keep one of these crystals under the bed. If there is a full moon, even better.

Other crystals associated with fertility are Jade, Rose Quartz and Unakite and you can combine their power with Moonstone by creating a little “combo”. Of course, this is not medical advice whatsoever, but more of a complement you can use if you feel you need to enhance your fertility.

Fertility doesn’t have to refer specifically to having a child, but also to the development of an idea, a business, the start of a new project or chapter in our lives, and anything you want to create successfully.

Moonstone is more associated with feminine energy (yin) rather than masculine energy (yang). That’s why it brings calm and peace to the person who wears it, male or female. It radiates sensuality, thanks to the soft glow of the crystal.

Other Great Qualities Of Moonstone

Like I mentioned before, Moonstone is also considered to give protection for travelers; that’s why it’s also called the Traveler Stone. It grants protection, especially at night, and uplifts the feeling of hope. It’s like the moon that accompanies night travelers to help them see the road ahead.

Some believe that Moonstone enhances your personality. It has been used as a talisman of the inward journey helping to retrieve something that is missing, lost, or forgotten, and bring it in to the light.

This is the perfect crystal for a new love or to reunite lovers that have parted in not very good terms. Moonstone is also a support stone. It aids dancers and artists in their self-expression and further helps educators in sharing knowledge and executives to open their hearts and feelings.

How to take care of your Moonstone

You might have already guessed that if you want to cleanse this crystal, you will need to do it in the moonlight rather than the sunlight. By taking proper care of your Moonstone, you will always receive abundance as well as balanced and healing energy.

Cleanse your Moonstone whenever there is a full moon. Also remember to not let it sit too long under the sun; make sure to put it away whenever daylight arrives.

Since the year is just beginning, a Moonstone will help you create a great start for you and help you achieve your goals and dreams. Let this crystal’s light guide you along the way!