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Three Unique Ways To Embrace Positive Thinking In 2021

January is here, 2020 has passed, and the world is busy dreaming up new year resolutions to fulfill in the months ahead. For people all around the world, 2020 was, to put it mildly, a difficult year. The global coronavirus pandemic completely derailed normal life as many of us found ourselves confined to our residence or closed spaces with restricted socialization. As we enter 2021, I think the number one resolution on everyone’s list should be to embrace a more positive mindset. If there’s anything last year taught us, it’s that the right mindset can create resilience and have a positive impact on our overall mood.

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Three Ideas For Giving Christmas Gifts To Remember

Is there anything better than twinkling Christmas lights, roaring wood fires and a general atmosphere of festivity and cheer? The holidays aren’t just about gifts – they’re about being with your nearest and dearest while bringing out the magic in the cold, cozy month of December. Still, Christmas is a wonderful excuse to show your loved ones that you care – and thoughtful gifts are one great way to do just that.

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5 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Goddess

In ancient mythology around the world, goddesses were known for being powerful, beautiful, and smart. They were far more than just pretty; they could be amazing strategists, compassionate leaders, and even a little bit fierce.


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Short story: Aashi’s Good Luck Carnelian

As we enter the last few weeks of golden fall and trundle towards the cold winds of winter, what better time to cozy up with a little short story on finding good luck with carnelian & keeping a positive mindset. Enjoy!

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The Mystical History Of Halloween

In modern times, Halloween has become a festive celebration known predominantly as a bit of annual fun (albeit the creepy variety). On 31st October, people all around the world decorate their houses in ghoulish style, carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, and get dressed up in costumes for some ‘trick or treating’ & candy collection. The way we celebrate today is markedly different from the Gaelic Samhain festival Halloween first originated from.

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What Is Vedic Astrology? An Introduction To Hindu Astrology

For as long as humans have been on the earth, they have turned their sights to the stars and wondered what they all mean. The night sky is littered with shimmering stars, distant planets, and all manner of mysterious cosmic matter. While we now know a lot more about our own solar system than humans did in ancient times, for the most part, space is still ineffable.

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Holi's Colors

Red, yellow, orange, pink, green, blue, purple! The arrival of spring is celebrated in India with one of the most scenic and cheerful festivals in the world. It’s Holi, the Festival of Colors, Spring and Love. This event is so loved that is spreading over the world year after year!

It embodies the desire to do and to live, to go out and see friends, to meet the people you care for and to celebrate love! It is the fresh energy of new beginnings, the joyful enthusiasm of youth, the beauty of white clothes that are dyed with all the colors of a crazy and happy carnival.

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