Pole dance is a sport that has slowly been taking over the world. It’s not seen anymore only as a strip club thing, but as a very effective way to tone your muscles, gain more flexibility, and have fun at the same time.

I practiced pole dance for several years, and even had a chance to compete twice! So, I can assure you that it’s an excellent activity for any woman, or man, that wants to try out something different, and have a nice workout at the same time.

So, as usual, there are gemstones that will help you not only be better at pole dance as a sport but also reveal the sexiest side of you.

Crystals for Pole Sport

Did you know that there are crystals that can make you a star athlete? Well, the answer is yes! And it not only has to do with granting you good luck during a competition, for example, they can also help you focus better, motivate yourself, and have more endurance when training.

Crystals can help you have more confidence in yourself, and this not only helps in your everyday life, it’s perfect when training for any kind of sport, like pole dancing, for instance.

Here are a few of these crystals that you can have near you when training in pole dance, or any other sport, to enhance your practice:


This stone stimulates endurance, so it’s perfect for athletes. It also helps harmonize your conscious and subconscious mind.

Blue Lace Agate

As well as with other blue crystals, Blue Lace Agate helps reduce fear and brings inner peace. It works really well for calming emotions, increasing communication, and mental focus.


This rock will help you calm and center yourself. You’ll always be more aware with an amethyst near you, and you can also overcome fears.


It will give you more concentration during physical activity and also will clear any mental blocks.


This crystal has been used for centuries to protect horse riders from injuries due to falls, so it’s definitely a rock for protection. It can be used as a talisman for luck, success, ambition, and creativity too.


It helps remove distractions by bringing focus and concentration. Your mind will calm down with a Sapphire because this gemstone helps align the physical, mental and spiritual planes to restore balance within the body.

Tiger’s Eye

Like a tiger, this stone provides mental focus and confidence to whoever carries one. It will help you overcome challenges and setbacks. If you have a fear of giving up, it can give you a boost of confidence and courage.

Pull Out Your Sexy Side When Doing Pole Dance

Pole dance is not only about exercising; it is about letting out your inner sexy diva too. It is amazing how there are so many testimonies of girls whose confidence boost thanks to pole dance. I think I can say I am one of those too.

I believe it has to do with feeling more comfortable under your own skin because in order to do pole dance you can’t wear too many clothes otherwise you’ll slip. So, walking around the studio in small shorts and cropped tops, and realizing no one cares about how you look like, will help you feel relaxed when it comes to your body, no matter what shape, size or scars you may have.

Still, there are also crystals that will boost even more your sexy side. Take them with you when you’re training, or when you’re putting on a little private show on your pole a home for your partner, either way, they will work great! Here’s my list:


Considered by many as a stone that will help you come out of a crisis, it will calm your spirit and make you feel desirable and sexy.

Cherry Quartz

If you have any anxieties regarding your sexual side, Cherry Quartz, also known as Strawberry Quartz, will help you overcome them and connect with your wild feminine side.


This crystal, celebrated in ancient civilizations, shows your beauty, your vitality, and helps dissolve any limitations you have put on yourself. Ah, and it is great for attracting love to you!

Lapis Lazuli

This crystal opens the third eye, giving you psychic abilities and stimulating your personal power. It can help you unveil your inner self to become a more wise and strong woman, which translates into sexy.

So, you have a lot of crystals to choose from! My advice is not to go and buy them all, but only those you feel a connection with. Look at the crystals and the one your subconscious feels attracted to first, without even thinking about it, then that is it, that’s the crystal you need, whether it is for being better in pole dance as a sport, or for feeling sexier when dancing.