Thanksgiving Day celebration is coming up this Thursday, November 22, and we have the perfect energy ritual you will need for this day.

This event is all about giving thanks and being grateful, and it all began in 1621 when the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until 1863 that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held every year in November, and it has been celebrated ever since in the United States.

The Thanksgiving celebration includes a special meal that all of us are familiar with. But this day doesn’t have to be only about having a great dinner with family and friends but there is also a spiritual side to it from which you and your beloved ones can benefit from.

Program Yourself Energetically

Thanksgiving’s energy is of gratitude, giving and joy. Nevertheless, feelings like stress, drama and negative emotions might also flourish whenever family holidays, like this one, take place during the year.

These are some of the reasons why you should prepare your house and yourself for the positive energy Thanksgiving brings us, and as always, crystals are an important part of this suggested ritual.

Crystals placed strategically inside your home can help promote peace, joy and diffuse negative energies. Some rocks that will work perfectly during your Thanksgiving dinner or gathering are as follows:


This crystal is believed to carry the power and energy of the sun and promotes a joyous atmosphere. The ideal place for it on Thanksgiving is on the dinner table and in the main room where your celebration is going to take place.


Also known as Tiger’s Eye, it will help you with your nerves if you get nervous at family meetings. This stone will promote feelings that will make you feel part of the group.


It encourages harmony and rational thoughts which is perfect for this Thanksgiving gathering. It is also believed that it helps you speak the truth in a way that is acceptable for the group you are communicating with.

Orthocerous Specimens

Orthocerous specimens are fossils that help old ideas fall away to make space for new ones with acceptance. They are helpful for celebrations like Thanksgiving because when many individuals come together, it can sometimes be a challenge to discuss a topic or come to agreement.


Pink Peruvian Opal

Pink stones promote love with the pink opal being especially effective in achieving this blissful state. This crystal clears away unnecessary energy and makes way for new ones. It connects with the heart and our sensitive side which makes it perfect for a celebration that is full of gratitude such as Thanksgiving.


Celestite has very calm vibrations which help us to connect with higher energies and listen to our intuition. The benefits of Celestite are considerable for you and your group during Thanksgiving.

Closely follow your intuition on where to place these stones around your house. Focus on where the main event will take place and organize your crystals there.

Also, you can use incense to purify the place before and after the Thanksgiving gathering. This will eliminate negative energies (and it’s something you can do whenever you have people over at home).

Gratitude Crystal Bowl

Create a gratitude crystal bowl for Thanksgiving to place at the dinner table, living room, or give as a present to someone important. It will help infuse the energy of gratitude with the assistance of the crystals that we recommended above.

You will need a bowl and all or some of the crystals mentioned above, but you will especially need the pink Peruvian opal or another rose-colored crystal like rose quartz for example.

Once everyone is your group is present, have them grab one of the cleansed crystals and hold them in their hands. While doing that they can think of something that they are grateful for and therefore begin imbuing the crystals with gratitude.

Finally, everyone can insert the crystals in the bowl and leave them there until the next Thanksgiving gatherin

Also, how do you feel about giving everyone that comes to your Thanksgiving celebration one of the crystals we mentioned in this post? Tell us what do you usually do on Thanksgiving and leave a comment below!