Beautiful, powerful, and inspiring – no one truly embodies the essence of femininity like a Hindu Goddess, and here at Mystic Self we believe that every woman has her own inner goddess, just waiting to be released. Before you can discover your own feminine powers, however, there’s plenty that can be gained by learning about some of the most popular female Hindu deities, their feminine qualities and the ways that you can use gemstones to connect with them.

One of the most well known Hindu Goddesses is Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune, good health and spiritual prosperity. Believed to have been born of a sea of milk during Vishnu’s attempt to achieve eternal life, Lakshmi is pictured as having four arms, with two above her head holding lotus flowers to represent the purity of her soul, and the other two lowered and dropping gold coins, symbolising wealth. It is said that offering peridots, pearls and a grateful heart to Lakshmi will ensure her support when it comes to achieving your financial goals and embracing your own spiritual side, but there are other gemstones that can be used to help you emulate the strengths and powers possessed by this deity. For success in financial and business matters, the Citrine is a natural choice, while Tourmaline, the stone of abundance, is said to have natural healing properties, helping to maintain good health. As Lakshmi is also associated with spirituality, an Amethyst is a great stone to use when attempting to open up and access your own spiritual side.

The Goddess Parvarti (known as the protector of all lives) is the deity to turn to for matters of love and fertility, making her popular with women who wish to incorporate more traditionally feminine qualities into their lives. Whilst known for being caring and nurturing, Parvarti is also considered to be one of the strongest and most powerful of all the Hindu Goddesses, proving that a feminine side is not a weakness. For women who wish to be more like this inspiring goddess, stones such as the Emerald, with loving and compassionate energies, and Amber, a warm and nurturing gem, or obvious options. Aventurine is a popular stone with women who wish to enhance their own fertility and become pregnant, while Moonstone is often viewed as the most feminine of all gemstones, with strong ties to female energy and fertility cycles. To encourage inner strength, Red Amethyst and Hematite are recommended. As well as promoting courage, passion and powerful behaviour, these stones are also helpful for anyone attempting to heal after leaving a difficult relationship.

Finally, there’s Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, music and the arts. Said to be the inspiration behind every Indian artist, if you want to encourage your own creative side or succeed in academic affairs, then Saraswati is the deity for you. Many students turn to Saraswati when they wish to improve their memory or ability to focus, repeating mantras and worshiping her at the VilmaVashi temple in Dilwara. If you’d like to make use of this deity’s creative influence, then there are a number of gemstones that can be used, such as Sodalite, which can be kept on your desk to help overcome writers block, Dioptase for awakening your imagination, or Tiger’s Eye, which helps to reveal natural talents and capabilities. As well as being somewhat therapeutic, creative arts such as painting and writing can also be a great way to access your spirituality and explore your own emotions, ideas and beliefs.

All Hindu Goddesses are portrayed as powerful, feminine and enchanting, but just as every woman is different, special and beautiful in her own right, each deity has her own unique strengths and abilities. Getting to understand and recognise your own personality and capabilities is an important part of unlocking your inner goddess, and taking inspiration from goddesses with qualities that you admire is a great way to guide your own spiritual development. Setting aside the time to focus on your spirituality and work with different gemstones will help you to discover the traits you wish to improve upon (whether that’s your nurturing side or your ability to make strong, influential decisions) and boost your confidence in your own abilities, helping you to realise your own personal power.

From the permanent collection of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Sculpture art of India, Hinduism The statue is broken. Parvati is considered the goddess of knowledge, arts and music. CC BY-SA 2.0