As February slowly fades away and we enter into the month of March, the seasons also prepare to change. In the northern hemisphere, temperatures will begin to rise and our gardens will prepare to bloom as we move into Spring, while in the southern hemisphere, autumn is fast approaching and the winds are growing cooler. Regardless of where you live or what the season is, the month of March is always the perfect time to consider cleaning and rearranging your home and living space after a hectic and stressful start to the year.

You can tell a lot about someone from their home: lots of clutter and mismatched patterns suggest a busy and happy-go-lucky life, while a minimalist, structured approach allows visitors to see that you are disciplined, neat and orderly. Additionally, the decorations you choose – from family photos to plants and figurines – say a lot about your hobbies and the things you value most in your life.

One of the main ideas behind feng-shui is that your home is an open window to your soul and should be set up in a way that works in harmony with your natural energy. That means that you should feel comfortable and happy in every room, but often we find that there is at least one area of our home that just doesn’t feel right. If this is something you have an issue with in your own house then rest assured – we have four simple tips to help you restore your home’s harmonious energy! 1.

Ditch the clutter!

In a busy household, mess and clutter can soon build up on every available surface such as mail, homework, books, toys and shopping lists. The more mess there is, the more likely you are to put off tidying it up – after all, the mess has formed because you are busy and you don’t have the time to sit and sort through it!

Mess and clutter can really dampen the positive vibes of a room, so you should avoid it at all costs. If, however, you already have lots of clutter sitting around, then tidying it doesn’t have to be a massive chore. Every morning, pick up a small selection of the clutter and sort through it. Put any leaflets, old shopping lists, and used paper in the bin, and place books or toys back on shelves. This will take a maximum of five minutes, and if you try to do it every morning and before bed each night, the piles will soon disappear. To make sure that more clutter won’t appear, resolve to never lay papers or mail down on a surface without first sorting through it and binning anything you don’t want, and make sure to tidy up books and toys as soon as you have finished using them.

Mix it up!

If something just doesn’t feel right about a room, chances are that the furniture placement is to blame. Having too much furniture crammed into a small space can make it feel cramped, while putting all the furniture in one area can leave your room feeling empty and cold.

When placing furniture, make sure that large items (such as a couch or bookcase) are against walls, and look for round or oval coffee tables, as they can make a room look much more spacious. Keep chairs close enough that the room feels cosy and intimate, but try to leave at least a foot between them so that guests can easily move arms and legs around without hitting each other. Additionally, pick one important feature of the room (such as the television or a window) and have all of the furniture positioned towards it – this helps to make the room feel structured and at peace.

Let in the light!

A dimly lit room or a space with dark corners is off-putting and uninviting, but if your room does not receive much natural light, don’t despair! Placing mirrors in dark corners can help to reflect and exaggerate what little light there already is, and adding pastel and brightly coloured furnishings such as rugs, cushions and curtains, will help to make a space seem more open and enticing. Another idea is to consider painting walls a lighter color such as cream or white.

If you room is still a bit dark or dull despite trying to add more color and mirrors, then there are other ways to make it feel more homely and inviting such as by placing plants on windowsills, coffee tables or other surfaces. While plants do require some natural light to grow and flourish, they will help to add a natural living feel to the room and lift the mood of anyone who sees them.

Focus on energies!

Sometimes, the energy in your home can feel stifling or negative, and no addition of bright colours or plants will fix it. If this is a problem for you then chances are that you need to reintroduce positive and healing vibes to your home. One easy way to do this is to find gemstones and crystals with uplifting and positive energies and place them in every room such as on a windowsill or as a centrepiece on your table. A good stone to use for this is Amber, which is known to banish negative energies, but Citrine and Flourite will also work well. As you place the stones around your home, loudly say sentences such as “this stone will help to transform the energy of my house” or “with this gem, I banish all negativity” – expressing your intent in this way will help to charge the gemstones and give their positive powers a boost.

Other ways to remove negative energy from your home include burning incense, candles and sage as you walk from room to room, but you must always make sure to do this safely. Do not let children or animals near a lit flame and never leave a burning item unattended as this can be a fire hazard.

All around the world, March is viewed as the perfect time to do some ‘spring cleaning’, and it’s easy to understand why – nothing brightens your mood like rearranging your home and banishing negative energies. These four tips may seem simple and basic, but you’ll be amazed by the difference moving furniture and removing clutter can make to a room. Devote some time this month to restoring your home’s harmonious energy, and you’ll soon experience the happiness and joy that comes from living in a positive and rewarding environment.

Image Source:

Amy Lau – Beach Hampton House (CC BY-SA 3.0)