It’s that time of year when everybody goes beyond the average weekly dusting, mopping and sweeping - they spring clean. Spring cleaning is an intense practice of deep cleaning and decluttering a houseto make for a new and fresh surrounding. I thought about how much emphasis is put on housework, but how very little is placed on freeing up your mind. Giving yourself a renewed sense of wellbeing could be just as refreshing as a clean house and, bringing gemstones into your home or wardrobe can help bring a new world of energy into your world.

Gemstones have been thought to create positive changes into people’s worlds. All from deeper senses of compassion, bringing love and protection and giving you spiritual growth. As well as wearing the beautiful gemstones as accessories, I discovered many practice yoga with the gems that they feel will bring them what they are searching for. Here are just a few suggestions on what gemstones to incorporate into your life to help you feel enlightened and free.

Quartz and Rose Quartz

Quartz gemstones are believed to bring clarity and power to one’s life. The clear stone is extremely versatile and beautiful, allowing you to easily incorporate it into your wardrobe with the added benefits of increased serenity. Quartz brings inner strength, helping you to harness acceptance in difficult times. Alternatively, the Rose Quartz is a sweet pink stone and also one of my favourites - I wear a delicate rose quartz necklace most days. This stone boosts love, which is a lot more complex than perhaps envisioned. Yes, it can attract love but it also brings self-love and more compassion which is imperative to a happy mind. It brings peace and heals pains from the past, helping you to find a more open heart.


Since antiquity the amethyst has gained a reputation for benefiting all those who wear it. Many cultures believed the stone had the power to bring its owner with good fortune and protection in hunting and battle. Today, it is still touted as a healing stone as it helps create peace, patience and balance to those who own it. Many opt to meditate with this stone for its complementary qualities such as serenity and strength. Of course, amethyst is a beautiful and popular stone to also incorporate into your house and home. The deep purple gem has also been a favourite with royals.


Moonstone is such a gorgeous stone that varies in colour. I have yet to pick a favourite although I find the white marble colours just enchanting. Moonstone is said to help reduce stress and bring hope and enhance feminine energies – making it popular during child birth and pregnancies as it is a stone of calmness and emotional relief. However, this could be incorporated perfectly into mental spring clean, freeing your mind from stress and providing you with the fresh start that you need. I would wear a moonstone for the times that I know would be particularly stressful with the knowledge that I have a beautiful stone which also provides effective emotional relief and tension release .


Named after the French word for lemon, these gemstones are a striking deep yellow which correspondingly makes it a picture-perfect jewellery choice for spring. Citrine has been thought to protect those who carry it from evil or negative thoughts. Much like its colour, it is a joyful and bright stone that lights up those who own it. It is also believed to stimulate creative energy, memory, intuition and confidence. That seems like successful spring cleaning!

How you can incorporate gemstones into your life

The obvious point is to wear your gemstones as an accessory which provides the added benefit of providing the synergistic side effect of looking stylish while helping the mind. You can also place the stones around your yoga mat if you meditate. Larger stones or ornaments with gemstonescontained within them could be placed around your house (without causing clutter of course) enabling your surroundings to be filled with positive energy.

Some believe that they may be nothing more than placebo effects, but these gemstones have been used for generations to help bring about good vibes. If you’re looking for a more innovative way to spring-clean or free the mind then these gemstones might be perfect for you.