It is easy to feel forlorn about the passing of summer - no more BBQs, long sun-drenched days, or picnics in the sunshine - but there’s plenty to look forward to in the fall season too. While the clouds start to gather and the wind begins to stir, the green summer leaves turn rusty and golden, floating gently down from their branches to create an autumnal carpet on the sidewalk.

From hot cups of cocoa to your coziest sweaters, there’s a whole lot to love about the commencement of the fall season, and what better way to celebrate it than with the loveliest gemstones to go with the festivities! From gemstones the shades of fallen leaves to the warm and loving meanings behinds these stones, keep reading to find out how you can embrace the autumnal season with these gorgeous gemstones from Mystic Self.



Fiery Carnelian For Warm, Autumnal Evenings

The color of fiery autumn leaves, warm like a roaring fire, and golden like the afternoon sun on an October day - it’s not hard to see why this lovely gemstone is perfect for the cooler fall months. But what about the meaning behind it? Carnelian is believed by many to help with confidence and balance. Even in antiquity, this gorgeous stone had important meaning when it was seen as a cure for poor and timid speakers. The ancient Egyptians referred to this stone as the ‘setting sun’ thanks to its warm, orangey hue. Some people believe that this gemstone can help with training (whether mental or physical!). So, if you’re planning on starting a new project or learning a new skill over the next few months this might just be the perfect gemstone for you.


Multi Agate For All The Wonderful Colors Of Fall

Agate comes in a wide range of colors, just like the many shades of the fall sky at dawn or the rustic leaves blowing in the park. This gemstone has strong associations with harmony - that’s whether it’s uniting the mind, body, and spirit or eliminating negative forces to restore peace in your life. If you’re feeling a bit blue about the darker days and colder weather, this multi-colored gemstone might just be the perfect way to inject a bit of energy into your wardrobe and put a new spring in your step. Agate gets its name from the Achates River in Sicily where it was first found, and it’s sometimes known as the ‘earth’s rainbow’ due to its many different colors. The fact this gemstone comes in so many wonderful shades is exactly why Mystic Self offers multi agate jewelry so that you can carry around your own personal earth rainbow, even on dark, cloudy days.


Cozy Fall Nights With Midnight Blue Lapis Lazuli

There’s something so magical about the navy night sky with twinkling bright stars, and nothing goes better with a clear, starry night than some toasted marshmallows and a warming hug of hot chocolate. Lapis Lazuli is the perfect gemstone for just this occasion - reminiscent of the coziest of cozy fall nights, and in the perfect romantic blue shade, what’s not to love about this beautiful gemstone? Its qualities aren’t just aesthetically pleasing either. This gemstone was among the most prized in ancient Egypt, and the famous golden sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen was actually inlaid with lapis lazuli. In some traditions, this gemstone’s symbolism of a starry night meant it also doubled up as protection from the evil eye and all the scary things that lurk in the dark. Lapis lazuli is also known for activating wisdom, enhancing intellectual ability and highlight truth - a natural addition to all those great books you’re looking to lap up on any rainy days this fall.


Moonstone For The Ghoulish Halloween Season

White and iridescent like moonbeams, it’s pretty clear how this gemstone got its name. I think we can all agree that Halloween is one of the best dates in October, and if you’re looking for a great bit of gemstone jewelry to go with your costume, look no further than this special piece. Moonstone has a long and rich history, nearly as ancient as the moon itself! In some cultures, moonstones were used as talismans of protection - so it’s sure to keep away the monsters and ghouls on Halloween eve. Some people believe that this gemstone’s connection with the moon’s monthly revival means it can help to keep those who wear it fresh and youthful (and who doesn’t want that?). It’s also a perfect stone for restoring peace after a lover’s quarrels or any other fallings outs. So, whether you’re looking for something to complete your Halloween outfit or simply want a bit more positive energy in your life, moonstone is sure to be a great fit for you.

Looking for even more gorgeous gemstones to treat yourself to this fall? Well, look no further! Mystic Self stock a wide range of gemstone jewelry for every occasion (and every season) - head over to our jewelry page to see what we have on offer.