In September, we posted the ultimate guide to autumn fashion accessories. Now, as the Northern hemisphere enters the warmer months of spring and summer, it’s time once again to transform your wardrobe with seasonal clothes and accessories fit for a goddess!

As temperatures begin to rise, you may find that your fall and winter clothes are too heavy and thick to wear, but your loose and light summer clothes just don’t keep you warm enough. If you don’t seem to have any clothes that suit the spring season, don’t despair - you don’t need to rush out to the store and buy lots of expensive new items that you will only wear for a few months. Instead, you can mix and match your summer and winter clothes using everyone’s favorite spring fashion technique - layering!

One of the most popular statement pieces in a seasonal wardrobe is the summer dress, a light and floaty gown designed to keep you cool that usually has short sleeves or straps. A summer dress can easily be adapted for the spring months - summer dresses with straps can be worn over a white t-shirt or top, while a dress with short sleeves can be covered with a cardigan or sweater from your winter wardrobe to help keep you cozy. For a bit of extra warmth, pair the dress with some thick stockings or tights. The result is a cute and cozy outfit that looks perfect for spring, but consists entirely of items you already own.

If dresses aren’t really your style then you can still use the layering technique with tops and shirts. For example, if you have some neutral-colored summer blouses and shirts, they can easily be worn under a light sweater or cardigan from your autumn wardrobe to create a look that is both practical and fashionable. Include your favorite pair of denim jeans or a summer skirt with thick tights to complete the look!

When it comes to accessories, warmer months are the perfect time to experiment with bright colors and new styles. As you’re more likely to have your arms and neck on show during the summer, it’s a great time to experiment with different jewelry ideas such as arm cuffs, stacked bracelets, and wearing longer necklaces with chokers.

As for colors, popular choices for spring and summer include bright shades such as blue, pink and yellow as well as light pastels, including green and purple. Essentially, the style is to be as colorful and adventurous as you can - you want your jewelry to help you stand out, so look for colors that are the opposite of the neutral shades that you wore in fall. If you’re not sure what gemstones to look for, then don’t worry, here are some suggestions:

One bright blue stone that can turn any item of jewelry into a breathtaking, stand-out piece is the Blue Sapphire. Sapphires can come in many different colors, but the blue variety is definitely the most popular and recognizable and will look beautiful with every summer outfit, from a bright neon top to a pastel dress. Sapphires are also known to help clear the mind, attract beautiful and happy experiences, and restore feelings of calm and serenity - perfect for someone who wants to use the summer as an excuse to relax, experience amazing things and explore some beautiful scenery.

The Citrine which is another common choice for summer accessories has a beautiful lemon tone and a degree of transparency that makes it enchanting to look at. Often considered to resemble the warmth of the sun, this gem is believed to attract success and fortune as well as encouraging the wearer to tap into their own creative energies - ideal if you want to spend the summer working on a hobby or trying out a new career option.

Finally, why not try the Green Aventurine? This beautiful gem is known as one of the luckiest stones in existence and will capture the attention of anyone who sees it. Additionally, the Green Aventurine is often associated with nature and the Earth - a perfect stone for someone who longs to take the beautiful scenery and calming vibes of the outdoors with them wherever they go this summer!

The warmer months are the perfect time to push your fashion boundaries and try out a brighter, more colorful style, and gemstones are the perfect tool to help you do that. Whether it’s a ring, a bracelet, or even an arm cuff, there’s a beautiful piece of statement jewelry for every outfit and personality, and wearing such a gorgeous item is sure to boost your confidence! So, as the temperatures rise and you begin to think about redesigning your wardrobe, consider some of the ideas from this article and don’t be afraid to experiment. Have fun and embrace your inner goddess this summer!

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Harald Hoyer - Sea Of Flowers (CC BY-SA 2.0)