Since your amethysts will be catching the negative energy around you, you will need to cleanse them frequently as if you are pressing the reset button. Even if you haven’t been wearing your amethyst jewelry, it will still have absorbed any range of energies that it might have been exposed to.

This cleansing process is not a literal cleaning where you will need soap and water to remove dirt from the rock. The intention is to remove the stored energies within the crystal and all that you will need is water and sea salt.

Many people submerge the crystals in salty water and expose them to the moon, but I prefer to leave them under the sun for a few hours. The reason I prefer the sun is because its energy is very powerful, it is capable of producing vitamins in any living being and it is in my opinion simply nice, natural, and a dose of positive energy which feels like when you have been inside all day and suddenly catch a ray of sun which makes you feel good inside and out.

How long you will need to leave the amethyst in water under the sun will depend on the situation. I choose to go with what my instinct tells me: if I feel it’s time to remove it then it means it’s really time to do it.

Other ways you can cleanse your crystals is by visualization or by smudging which means to burn incense sticks and hold the crystals in the smoke. Did you know that you can cleanse other types of crystals inside an amethyst geode cave? So, the amethyst works like a crystal cleanser too!

Are you ready to be surrounded by amethysts now?